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  • @burvantill that is AWESOME!! Sounds like you are rocking it!! Also, I love this illustration

  • @gary-wilkinson That is fantastic! I find hair really tough but you've clearly nailed it. Any tips?

  • @tessaw Are you doing the critiqued sessions? These paintings look great by the way!

  • @ians just build the hair up slowly. Make sure your base layer is blocked in well and then build up from that (dark to light is the best way to go). Hair takes a lot of time, but it's a pretty simple process that just requires a bit of a grind

  • @ians Thanks! No, I just have the subscription.

  • Iโ€™m finally working on the Hidden contest.

  • 0_1532373786042_Park- 8x10.jpg Finished this up after a few changes. After I added the little girl I thought about the hidden prompt but I already have a design for that

  • I love seeing everyone's projects. Great work you guys.

  • SVS OG Concept Art

    Oh how fun to do art (my sarcastic voice), I been stuck working my real job with deadlines looming over head. I did get started on my hidden piece and hope to get it done on time, but this is what consumes most of my time everyday.... I just keep saying to myself "It pays the bills, it pays the bills."


  • 0_1532450433200_Park-10x8.jpg Managed to get some time in on my second park piece.

  • I spent the last week doing a brick and mortar workshop at which we assembled a lot of traditional elements into a digital collage. Our assigned story was The Musicians of Bremen, and we had to choose an environment, so I choose the rural US in the early 20th century, probably because I had to choose quickly and it was so far away from where I really was.

    I spent most of the week developing sketches of the characters, and I did a super quick storyboard, during which I was amused to realize that the donkey thought he was going to play the lute and told the dog to play the kettle drums, but it will never work because the donkey only has hooves! In my story, the donkey became a she, and the instruments changed as well, but during the process I got an image in my mind of when things are settled, they finally get to play, and the donkey is found out.

    This JPEG loaded really green for some reason. It doesn't look that green on either my Cintiq nor on my computer monitor, so I don't know what to do about it! But the original has much more muted, almost taupe-ish greens throughout, including the donkey's skin and the drum.

    I'm supposed to go see relatives the end of the week, but I really wanted to get this piece to a decent point first. I'm tired of not finishing things! I'll probably get to my relatives' house and realize I didn't pack any shoes or something...

    0_1532530742923_Musicians of Bremen 5b.jpg

  • @lauraa Love this! Really fun and funny, and I like the style a ton.

  • I just finished up my first illustration for a popular children's magazine. Now I off to try and finish my Hidden submission.
    0_1532585166468_noneedforswim_color resized small.jpg

  • @stringfellowart too cute!

  • Sooo, California is burning. I went to the coast for the weekend to get out of the heat and smoke. 0_1533007805254_image.jpeg

    When I got back it was worse, but the smoke is doing crazy stuff to the sunlight. My cell phone couldn't capture it so I tried a quick sketch. 0_1533007918741_image.jpeg

    We are fortunate not to be included with the poor souls that are loosing their homes to these wildfires. May God ease their pain and give strength and courage to the firefighters battling the blazes. ๐Ÿ˜”

  • @burvantill Saw your comment on Procreate. Iโ€™m creating all my digital work with the app and trying to rely less on my Cintiq. This will allow me to bring my freelance work with me to the high school I teach at and work on it during free periods, or alongside my students.

  • @mrsdion show us what youโ€™re working on ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • What is everyone working on?

    I had a couple spare minutes so Iโ€™m working on my characters for the story I wrote. 0_1533230484560_D352773A-3055-48F9-A3E9-4B75E576931D.jpeg

  • This is "Heist" at about two hours so a way to go still0_1533231220260_Crow school.jpg

  • Just finished up a little game for next week at the studio I work at. We've got this thing called, "Pirate Day," where kids go from small business to small business and do activities for stamps, and my place is doing, "Pin the Cannonball to the Hull." Hopefully the kids don't get too caught up in being the cannoneers ๐Ÿ˜‰


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