Hidden WIP ( Tom Shannon )

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm sharing my thumbnails for the "hidden" prompt. Let me know what you think good, bad, or ugly. Thank you in advance!!!

    Here goes.

    Idea #1: A mouse hidden inside of a womens overly big bee hive hair. He's come out of hiding for a bite to eat!
    alt text

    Idea #2: Bigfoot hunter doesn't see the hidden beast blending into the trees behind him.
    alt text

    Idea #3: Family driving their annual vacation road trip doesn't notice the foothill to their left is not what it seems. Dinner time!
    alt text

  • Tough one. I honestly think they are all pretty great and any of them would work. I do have a soft spot for #2 because of big foot and how you've designed the hunter and the dog, but I think my personal fave is #1. Not only is it funny but it sparks a lot in my imagination and I find myself asking a lot of questions about this mouse and lady and what will happen next. My only suggestion on this one would be to see what it looks like to extend the format very slightly on the right and the bottom and show off some delicious food. I think it will help us really enjoy the moment through the eyes of the mouse a little more. It might throw off the balance of the comp though, but it might be work checking out.

  • @tessaw Thank you Tessa for the input. I totally agree with you. I have a soft spot for Bigfoot too. How can you not living in the Northwest!?!? I like your points of view about the bee hive lady, there is more to the story I didn't really notice. Hmm. Good food for thought. Thank you again!

  • SVS OG

    I think I like #1 the most. But also #3 is also very creative

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @tom-shannon I sorta like #2 the most.

  • SVS OG

    I'm leaning towards #3 and #2 closely behind. Cool concepts!

  • Tough choice! They are all really good! I am leaning towards #1. I agree with @TessaW that it's full of great storytelling opportunities. It's cute and funny, and I'm a sucker for huge hair.

  • @Chip-Valecek @Jon-Anderson @Eli Thank you guys for the kind words!! I really appreciate it. I'm still on the fence between #1 and #2. I may do both, just for fun:-) This is a great forum for showing off WIP and chatting. I need to do more it. Thanks again! More to come...

  • SVS OG

    Ohhh, these are all hilarious, and could all work brilliantly. I think you should do the one you'll have the most fun illustrating, but really, they all feel strong to me. If I had to choose just one, I think idea 1 with the mouse seems to most unique, surprising, and I love the humor.

  • @johanna-kim Thank you Johanna for the flattery. I'm warming up to #1!

  • I like #1 because the concept is totally different or at least is something you don't expect, but my second choice would be #3 the simplicity of this one of the lines and the background , could be a great advantage to put a lots of details with textures with a big contrast of colors. Nice job.

  • I'm a big fan of number three for the story aspect, but I think it would be the toughest to get right. All three would work fine, though!

  • @art-of-b I agree with you. In context to a storybook, it could be a fun scene, but by itself, it's a little hard to read.

    @Donfito I've decided to flush out concept #1. I don't know about keeping the idea of the mouse holding the knife and fork. It seems a little too "cutesy" to me. We'll see. I'll post a another WIP soon.

    Thank you for the feedback!

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