June Contest Winners: MUSHROOM VILLAGE

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    Well you guys sure know how to make it hard for me to pick winners!! (As usual!). What really struck me the most this month is that it really looked like you were having fun. That makes a HUGE difference when you are making images. It's one of the intangibles that somehow makes it way into the work and leaves you and your viewer smiling. Keep that up!

    Now the hard part, picking the winners. There could have been so many winners this month, but I had to narrow it down. Feel free to post the ones you think should have won if you disagree with my selection. Contests are, by nature, at the mercy of the judges and I am by no means the last word on it. : )

    First Place: Gary Wilkinson www.garywilkinsonart.com


    After quite a few strong finishes, I have to give Gary the win on this one. It is just too good to ignore. Clever concept followed by very strong technique is what drew me to this one. What I really appreciate is how appropriate, yet peculiar the concept is here. Nature does like to use disguises and then ATTACK! Gary nailed it.

    Second Place: Carrie Copa @carriecopa


    Carrie's piece was so charming and reminded me of watching a really good animation. It made me want to know more about what is happening with these little guys. I love the toned palette and cozy lighting too!

    Third Place (TIE!): Severin Baschung and Marek Halko
    Severin really killed it with the lighting and color balance in this piece. I saw some earlier versions that had some glowing writing on the mushroom which I liked too. I think this world and lighting should be explored more. Maybe 3 images in a series for this one would be great portfolio material.

    Beautiful rendering by Marek Halko. This was a very funny take on the topic and absolutely stellar painting technique here. Has a bit of an animated Chris Van Allsburg feel to it or perhaps David Weisner (both Caldecott winning illustrators!. Not bad company to be in for sure.

    Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):

    VOREN:: This piece drives home the importance of showing an interesting point of view in your images. The composition and scale and all the details work together so well here.

    MATT DYE @mattdyedraws: Great flowing design and controlled color balance on a full color piece (not so easy to do). I definitely want to see more from Matt!

    Rachel Blackwell @rachy : The sense of adventure in Rachel's image is so engaging. I like how she kept the complicated design and details for the city and kept it simple with the characters so it doesn't get too busy.

    Name?: I LOVE the color balance here. The greenish cools are balanced out nicely by the warms. This has a very "Dreamy Summer" type feel which is particularly engaging to me.

    Corina St. Martin: I love this painting. It's magical and well painted. I do keep worrying about that bird wanting to eat the main character which adds tension to the image. That may be totally unintentional by Corina. I'd like to hear if you guys feel any danger for the character. The bird does look sweet, but if he gets hungry, watch out! : )

    Megan Stringfellow: This is another take on the subject that I never anticipated. You guys always manage to surprise me! The old man in the workshop toiling away on his lovely craft is an awesome idea. Nice touch with the strawberry light thingy too!

    Ok, that's gonna do it for this month. You guys kicked some major booty on this one and I can't wait to see what you do for July's challege: HIDDEN Keep up the great work!!!


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    PS: we will be doing a fall critique session with Jake, Will, and I. Probably only 15 spots will be open for that, but if you are looking to get your work critiqued that will be a good place for that. Dates and details will be announced soon...

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    Congrats @Gary-Wilkinson! I had picked this one too! such a great image. And everyone else mentioned did awesome stuff too. So inspiring. I continue to live in hope that I will get this good one day. 🙂 Look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for July!

  • I loved all of the entries.

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    These illustrations are all so awesome. I'm really impressed and inspired by the magic evoked and skill demonstrated. Congratulations to @Gary-Wilkinson--amazing work as usual, and to all the talented artists recognized here.

  • Congrats to @Gary-Wilkinson ! Your illustration is amazing. June's contest was so much fun. Everyone killed it!

  • Congrats @Gary-Wilkinson and to everyone else they all turned out so wonderfully.

  • CONGRATULATIONS! to @Gary-Wilkinson and everyone!! These were ALL so awesome and fun. @Lee-White, that bird is totally friendly and tame! Ha! Also, I am personally adding @Tom-Shannon for an honorable mention.

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    @Gary-Wilkinson congrats, awesome piece! Congrats to the others mentioned too! So much great work this month!

  • Congratulations @Gary-Wilkinson and everyone else! I loved this month's theme and seeing everyone's interpretations of a pretty specific topic. Such beautiful work came out of it.

  • Congrats to Garry Wilkinson and all the other Mushroom people of the universe:)!
    The ?? Mushroom tasting is Marek Halko. Forgot to sign it..

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    Great work all around! Fun to watch the progress on these!

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    Congrats @Gary-Wilkinson! Love the texture and concept of your piece.

    Great work everyone else!

    Getting to read Lee's comments on all the pieces is a prize in itself. Hearing mine looks like part of an animation is the highest praise I've ever received! I'm heavily inspired by animation so I'm pleased others can see it in my work.

  • Congrats @Gary-Wilkinson! Awesome work, as always. Love your painting and whimsical ideas. @carriecopa, wonderful composition, colors, and character design. I agree with Lee, I want to know more about the villagers. @Severin-Baschung, I liked this one a great deal from the very start. They mystical mushroom, along with the snail characters, is captivating. I can hear the drum beat as the villagers dance! @marek-halko, what a trip! I don't think productivity will be that farms motto for a few days! The golden ratio compliaments the "trippy" quality of the composition. Really great job done by everyone!!! Thank you @Eli for the honorable mention! I like your work too! ( I just took a peek at your instagram account 🙂

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    @marek-halko fixed it! thanks! : )

  • Congratulations to all! Great choices!!

  • Congratulations to the winners! Great work everyone!

  • Wow so honored to have got first place considering there were so many amazing paintings this month 😃 These contests have been invaluable in pushing me to become a better illustrator and helping me work towards building up a solid portfolio. A big thank you to all those who gave me their advice and helped guide me to finish my painting and to @Chip-Valecek for taking the time to put together the slideshow!

    A few pieces that I would just like to mention for their awesomeness in this month's competition are:

    @stringfellowart - I really loved the concept and execution of this painting and it was great seeing your working process for it on the forum. I hope you can continue to build up this world as it would make a great story!

    @EunJi-Jung I can always spot your pieces as soon as they load up and they always feel so magical.

    @C-Davies This was such a fun piece to look at and reminded me of early rubber hose animation. Also I really liked the reflections in the water which gave it a more realistic feel in contrast to the cartoony style.

    @svieta This painting was so wonderfully colorful and as a fan of realistic lighting, it really caught my eye 😃

    @tomshannon If I had a music band I would definitely commission you to make my next poster!

    Okay, oscar speech over and good luck to everyone in next month's competition!

    Oh and lastly, congratulations to @Lee-White on the house move and wish him all the best in his new home.

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    @gary-wilkinson Congrats to you and all the other winners and honorable mentions!

  • wow, congratulations for all the winners and honorable mentions! well deserve! 😃

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