Forest creature WIP

  • Hey there ^^ currently working on this forest lady. I am pretty okay with it so far, but I would like to know your opinion on it before I move to color and all that stuff. I am mostly concerned about the pose and shapes balance.

  • @jonas-zavacky Overall, I think it's working very well. My only suggestion would be to raise the forearm that's holding the critter slightly, so her arm is bent a bit. Her posture is very relaxed and I think changing the arm would make it feel more natural to the pose.

  • @tessaw Thank you, Tessa! I totally see what you mean. Will fix that

  • @Jonas-Zavacky Hey, my only first impression concern is her neck looks really thin and may not be able to support her head. I do however, love how you have weaved around her hips, I think it is a beautiful form and I love her tall slender legs on tip toe (speaking from a tall slender woman of course). Without eyes she looks a bit ghostly or spirit like, definitely a protector. And wood structure showing muscle tone is lovely too.

    Looking forward to see it further developed and completed.


  • @heather-boyd Oh yes... I wanted the neck to be a bit longer than usual, but this wouldn't work I guess.. will take a look on that. Yeah, it should be a spirit-like creature that takes care of the forest... she is the only one of her race and only forest animals can see her. She loves them and her little companion the most.

    Thank you! 🙂 I will be posting my progress

  • Okay, I worked on it a bit and this is what I come up with... any suggestions for it? and which color scheme do you think looks the best? ^^
    0_1529609389871_3 versions.jpg

  • The colour scheme on the far right is nice - I like the rich/warm tones. Do you want her to be almost camouflaged against the background? Like she is mysterious and blending in with nature...

    If you're not tied to that, why not experiment with the background a bit to bring out some more contrast. OR consider developing a bit of a background scene 🙂

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @jonas-zavacky I am actually drawn to the first one.

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