Mushroom Village WIP

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    This is my first post and I’d like some feedback on my composition. Is it interesting? Do all the components go together? Does it make sense? It’s supposed to be a girl playing with her toy mushroom village. She’s in the act of placing a woman on her bike. Any and all critiques are welcome. Thank you!


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    @ashinmakes At first I didn't get that her hand was in the foreground because of the draw through. I would remove her hand and have it almost like she is a giant looking at the village. Maybe lose the tongue as she looks hungry. If you decide to keep the hand I would still remove the tongue.

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    @ashinmakes I think that if you leave the hand I would maybe make her head a little bigger so that the connection between the two is more apparent.
    Great idea!

  • @ashinmakes I like this concept a lot. But I agree that there's too much disconnect between hand and face. Color will help but the scale seems a bit off to me.

  • @ashinmakes (I thought I posted this last night!)
    It's very cute!
    (And very similar to the one I was just working on--my nieces and nephews like to build little villages outside.)

    I love the perspective of looking through the village!
    (I thought about going that low, but then I raised the view a little higher.)

    I think I would have had trouble with knowing that's a hand--though that should be easier once it's rendered more & you can see the fingers. Oh. It is the fingers.
    (Ha. For the movie-quote lovers: "You are the brute squad."

    I realize it's supposed to be an extreme perspective / foreshortening, but I'm not finding it quite believable. Maybe try working on a sketch of just the girl and draw her whole arm to see how the angle of the fingers would work. I'm thinking the top of the fingers should be angled towards her. Also, these are super-tiny toys! I guess they are like Polly Pocket dolls.

    The size difference between the close mushroom house and the one by her face doesn't seem to be as big a difference to me as her fingers compared to her face. I'm not good with perspectives, though! I'm struggling with it on my piece as well.

    It's also looking pretty busy--especially right around the girl's face, but values could help with that.

    The tongue sticking out in concentration is a fun detail. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this--it's adorable!

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