Mushroom Village - Process GIF

  • Turned my "save"-files into a gif, so this was basically my workflow in Clip Studio Paint. As you can see, I decided to leave the spiral element on the mushroom away in the end. It attracted basically all the attention and felt a little too much/generic. However, I find the whole comp is a bit more "peaceful" without it, what do you think?

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    @severin-baschung i really liked the houses in the back with the spiral on the large mushroom. It gave the piece a little more story to it. This version works as well. I really like the lighting you are getting from the mushroom. A great balance of warm and cool colors.

  • @chip-valecek Thanks very much for your feedback Chip! Actually this was my first intention storywise, I tried to achieve a connection between the spiral form (as totem on the mushroom) and the tribe that wears snailhouses with also spirals on them. But in the end I felt the connection was not working. Concerning the houses, they somehow disturbed getting the main message through so I edited them out.

  • This was cool to see in the finished thread, and even cooler to see the GIF! What did you use to create the GIF? I save progress pics all the time to make GIFs eventually but the few times I have tried they come out with the color being all messed up or just terrible quality.

  • @jason-kilthau Thank you Jason. I used Photoshop CS6 basically following this from Adobe help:

    Sorry the link is in German, but I am pretty sure there is also an English version available. I just asked google 🙂
    I think the important step is, when you go for "Save for web" and choose "GIF" to increase the number of colors to 256, as the default is only 128 and could mess up your palette. Hope that helps and good luck!

  • @Severin-Baschung
    The link is perfect thank you!

  • I like it without the spiral. I think the texture lines look good, and I agree that it looks more peaceful this way.

    This is really great! I especially like the glow effect of the mushroom. I like the colors and sense of depth you've created with the forest of mushrooms. The characters and the snail-shell house(?) are interesting and fun.

  • @miriam Many thanks for your Feedback! I am glad to hear that you like this version as well. Sometimes it is not so easy to let go of an element. I felt that it was not essential for the "message" so it was somehow a small storytelling/design trade-off.
    Yes, the tribe is wearing empty snail-shells as "helmets" 😉

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