Retro Sci-Fi: Gals and Hover Cars

  • Hi,

    I am new to SVS, and I was inspired to do a sci-fi kind of thing. So, I did a illustration based off of old retro images of girls and cars, but with hover cars instead. I thought maybe I can put the illustration on a shirt or collection in an art book. It's kind of simple, but I did it for fun so it doesn't have to be so complicated.

    Any constructive criticism is welcome!

    alt text

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    @alexsen looking good. i would suggest making the girl a little smaller and the car a little longer. Right now she looks to big to fit inside the car. Also the passenger front end looks to be out of perspective. Or at least the arch of it is not the same as the driver side.

  • Hey! A couple things that I've noticed when drawing multiple objects/people in the same scene is that the image is more believable when those objects/people are shown interacting with each other in a convincing manner. I think you've got a good idea, but a few things stick out for me.

    I like that you have her interacting with the car, but the pose doesn't look convincing. Something I do is ask myself 'can I get into this position without hurting myself?' If not, I start over and get reference. It also looks like the woman is floating above the car but not actually sitting on it. More focus on lighting/shadow can help this but I also think paying more attention to her points of contact (her palm and butt) can help as well. I included a sketch of how I would possibly tackle this.

    I think you've got a nice idea here.
    Good luck! 😃


  • @demetrius "...without hurting myself?"
    Ha, ha! I love the qualifier!

  • I took some of the comments and revised the illustration. Cleaned up some of the perspective and changed the size of the girl in relation to the car.

    I was wondering if anyone has heard of Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball)? I don't know if his style is what I want to emulate, but I do draw influence from his works. I am curious because he has what I call Super Deformed style such as Dr. Slump, and I like his mecha designs, the characters are really deformed but yet IMHO they work somehow. Is there anyone who has some insight to why his style works? Like am I not making my characters deformed enough so that people feel that it feels/looks wonky instead of intentional?

    Another big influence I have is Masamune Shirow, he does serious cyber punk manga but every so often he makes a really cartoony illustration that emotes an idea or plays with humor, that some how he gets away with.

    I was just wondering how they almost do things in a completely different style yet are able to pull it off? Is there something to it?

    I did another illustration with more deformed features to show what I mean. I am not finished it yet but hopefully you get the idea.

    alt text

    alt text

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