Finishing touches to this piece?

  • Hey everyone! feeling that this painting is coming to a close, but i feel like it needs that last final push to bring it to completion. Any tips/critique? You may be as harsh as you'd like! ![0_1526250710779_confusedlilbearSMALL.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • @amelia-bothe Not sure if the file attached correctly ... 0_1526250856303_confusedlilbearSMALL.jpg

  • I love the pose and expression of the bear. He's cute!

    The fin in the foreground is hard to read and it has very hard edges. I'd add more of the fish so the shape isn't so ambiguous and distracting. Since the bear is the focal point, soften the fin so we can look past it into the image. I would soften some of the other edges on the other fish as well. You've got great edges on the rocks and I think the water is really really great. You've captured the feeling of rushing water very well.

    Be careful of the two fish mirroring each other and curving almost opposite same way. I'd lessen some of the detail on them so that the bear stands out as the thing most in focus. If these fish are moving they'll have some soft edges. The background is minimal and very soft so softening and beating up some edges here and there will add the movement and hyper-focus on the bear. I'd also suggest adding a highlight along the paw along his body, so it doesn't get lost. The fish right under the bear's paw gets lost too; at first, I thought it was one of the rocks.

    Add more space above the bear. His ears get too close to the edge of the image, and there needs to be more air around him. You could probably lose a tad on the bottom, get rid of that one fin and add that room to the top to frame him better.

    I really like this peace a lot! Great work.

  • SVS OG

    @amelia-bothe The fur is incredible!! really nice piece! For feedback maybe crop a bit of the left side of the canvas? Also thinking that a bit of blue sky peeking out behind the orange'ish bear would most likely look really nice - great work on this!

  • Overall this is great work and I like the bear but I feel like he belongs in a different painting because he is much more stylized and less realistic

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