Feb Contest: Shoptopus WIP

  • So I started out thinking Pirate octopus would be super cool! Then Pirate Octopus digging up treasure... But I was never happy with how it looked. So I ended up landing on what I'm calling Shoptopus. I just have to add my base colors then do my paint over after I am happy with my base.. But here is my WIP so far, what do you all think?
    0_1519710693033_octo 2.jpg
    0_1519710663603_octo 1.jpg
    0_1519710676342_octo 3.jpg

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @jason-kilthau it came together really good. I am looking forward to seeing it in color.

  • @chip-valecek Thank you! I'm hoping I can get it done tomorrow after work! I'll just post the final version in the contest thread itself instead of here but I wanted to show the process and how I got to where I am... kinda

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @jason-kilthau I saw it earlier on Instagram. I love seeing peoples process from start to finish. Everyone does things differently and sometimes you can pick up little tips from their process and incorporate it into your own.

  • @chip-valecek It totally helps to see peoples process! I changed/started practicing new ways for color and value because of what I have seen here and from other artists who are doing similar things. Definitely helps!

  • SVS OG

    Love it, just make sure to add bubbles and such to sell the underwater aspect. And I would sick with a cool color pallet, as it is under water.

  • I second using primarily a cool palette, but that lamp would make a great light source for a warm side light. I would also suggest having his eye somewhat squinted as he looks like he is trying to focus on the object his is holding, with the magnifying glass (try that pose for yourself)

  • Looking great! I would just like to see a little of the curve on the top of his head. The "& more" sign is looking a little too much like a hat because of where he sits underneath it. It cuts off the top of his head at the same point on both sides. And one of the spikes from the mine looks like it is impaling his head at the same spot creating an odd tangent where the corner of the sign meets it. Could you also maybe add a hint or two of a foreground element. Especially in the lower left? Part of the top of a steel barrel, or some other nautical oddity? Maybe not, just a thought. Looks great overall, though!

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