Loosening up and finding my style!

  • Hi all, firstly, I hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to the challenges of the new year!

    I have been 'artistic' since I can remember (35+ years), but have never had my own style. I always draw in very fine detail (usually pen and ink) & it is always very technically done, this is due to my work as a technical design engineer. I find it hard to let go and really loosen up in my artwork. I can get lost on a piece for hours and only produce a very small amount because I am so hard on myself.

    Any tips on how to stop being so precise and just free it up a bit?

    I have attached a piece that I recently produced (with internet reference etc), it is hand drawn lineart, scanned and coloured/textured in photoshop.

    0_1514458937120_Winnie Christmas coloured.jpg
    Thanks in advance


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    It would be helpful if you posted samples of images that have this "loose" stylet that you are taking about. "Loose" means something different to each person. Try to find exactly what you want to do and it will be much easier to get there.

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