SVS Learn's Upcoming Classes Calendar

  • Hey Everyone,

    Has anyone worked out if there's any rhyme or reason to the SVS calendar?

    The inking class was scheduled for the end of August if I remember rightly and it came out last week or so, the Dave Malan class wasn't on there and popped up magically and the Visual Storytelling class that I'm stoked for with @lee-white was due yesterday.

    Should we just assume the calendar is the part in Pinocchio where he sprouted branches and a nest and ignore it completely or is there some underlying meta game reasoning to it that I don't have the cheat codes for?

    I'm not being angry or have any negative tone whatsoever (you know how typing is, it can come off multiple different ways) and I know @will-terry is super busy with his top secret book, so that could play into it as well.

    Take care,

  • Yea, I don't know it seems like no one is listening! People are always putting ideas in the "what do you want to learn" feed and there is never any response to any questions. I think we are alone!

  • If i understand it right... some classes are live, then put up as recordings later, and some are just recorded. some are whole course, while some are a single class. this is why they seem to bounce and pop around so randomly. also, like you said, this in't the instructors main gig, so we are at the mercy of their schedules as they themselves are.

  • @Trace Shirley Mears and @Naters Calderone, you guys aren't alone! We are here and see everything. We take notes of your suggestions and many of them are in the works. We all do work professionally, so sometimes it's tough for us to respond depending on deadlines, etc.

    We are totally dedicated to the site and do consider it a big part of our lives. We love hearing from you guys so keep the suggestions coming! : )

    PS: My storytelling class is done and is being uploaded to the site now. It should launch today or at latest tomorrow. I'm super excited for that one as it contains a lot of information that doesn't really get talked about too much.

  • @Lee-White @Will-Terry @Jake-Parker I'm seriously impressed by how much you guys get done! Between your pro work schedules, teaching and recording classes and taking care of your's a massive undertaking and I think SVS is off to a wonderful start. I really love this community. I haven't even gotten through all the classes you already have up and I am super excited for the Visual Storytelling class! SWOON!! 😃 All good things take time, so I can wait! Thanks guys!

  • @Charlie-Eve-Ryan Me too 🙂 Amazing work from these guys.

    Like I said, my post wasn't aimed to be negative in any way, more inquisitive.

    Keep up the awesome work.

  • @Lee-White I am really looking forward to seeing your course and I am very aware that you are around because you are very giving of your time to help others and I certainly appreciate what you did to help me, it meant the world to me!

  • Storytelling video is up! Hope ya like it!

  • @Lee-White I am watching the class right now but I can't open the supplemental materials.

  • I'll check on the supplemental materials and see what's going on. : )

  • It's being re uploaded now and should be available shortly. I go over the assignments in the video, so you don't need them to watch it just yet...

  • @Lee-White I love it so far! Really makes you think about what you are doing!!

  • @Lee-White got it, thanks!!

  • it's fixed now. You should be able to download them.

  • @Naters-Calderone Just finished watching Lee's new class and was so excited to see your wonderful illustration for the 3rd Thursday as an example in the class. You must see it!!

  • @Lee-White I just finished watching your class and I have to tell you it was just wonderful. Its well designed, flows well and is straight to the point! I love all of your creative examples and fun assignments. I have to say it may be my favorite class yet. Very well done and thank you for doing it. This class will help everyone perform better!!