Some sort of sketchbook

  • Hello there! I'll try post here some stuff for fun. Hope you'll like it=)

    Here some pages from my sketchbook:

  • scan s.jpg Без имени-1 копия.JPG

  • very nice! really like your line

  • Other bunch)

    dazle.jpg w3rfsdf.JPG 20150807_142020 kопировать.jpg

  • Something new)

    IMG_20151016_0004 kопировать.jpg IMG_20151021_0008 kопировawrwать.jpg

  • Your sketches are the best....

  • I love your faces!!

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    Very nice sketches! Two things I want to mention, your rough linework is really amazing. It tends to lose some of that energy in the finish work. You may want to try different inking techniques and watch out for "outlining" the figure so much. Keep the lines fresh and maybe break up the line a bit on the finished inks.

    The next thing I wanted to mention is that it's all of single characters (mostly faces) with no interaction. You are good enough to start showing multiple characters in a scene. It's great practice and difficult if you haven't tried it. Also may want to focus some energy on architecture and environments. Maybe you have more of that stuff in there and just haven't shown it. I just want to mention it because almost all my students just draw single characters (mostly faces) without any interaction or environments.

    Your line work is beautiful and your characters have a real liveliness to them. Keep up the good work!

  • @Lee-White Thank you a lot for this message=) You definitely right! I trying find my inking style, just didn't yet=(

    I'm drawing buildings and environments but much lesser than simple faces) And not so good, that's why didn't show to any one XD Multiple characters is hard for me as well. I'm trying push myself and drawing some comics. Because when you drawing comics you NEED illustrate architecture, environment and multi character compositions=)

    May be you have some suggestions for me how improve my outlines? I'm really wish get an opportunity to create something special=)

    Here is some comics pages) Sorry for my terrible english and thank you again!


  • SVS Team SVS Instructor Pro SVS OG

    Hey Leemoon, you are doing great! I would just try to vary up your panels so it's not just people talking to each other. You can do that by adding establishing shots, mid range shots, and then the close ups like you have here.

    In terms of line work, definitely watch Jakes video on inking. Notice how his lines are broken up. He doesn't just outline and he keeps a sense of the "sketch" look to it. You can get that feel a bit more just by using thicks and thins. If you wanted to, you could use a textured line approach which would add a ton of energy and is my preference. Don't think that you have to do ANY of this btw, its just a suggestion. I tend to like more sketchy things in general so I may be reacting based on that.

    Anyway, here's a quick breakdown of the idea. Use thick and thin lines, add some texture to your brush, use overlapping lines, break up your lines and avoid just solid outlines (like a coloring book).

    Hope that helps some...

    Keep it up. Looks like you are doing a lot of work! : ) lines.jpg

  • @Lee-White I agree. To me, good inking - with the weight shown in line weight - can turn an average illustration into a great one and a great illustration into an awesome one. Even if they're not sketchy and are solid, varying the line weight and indicating weight and shadows will really make your images shine.


  • @Lee-White

    Oh my, thank you for ancwer! It's a lot of information) I deffenitly will try all what you suggest to me and your overpaint clearly explains what you mean (I wish I had so good teacher like you) Your students are lucky=)

    May be my problem with lines is because I don't know what I'm actually want to draw. I'm really love sketchy-style things, like your beutyfull illustrations or Jakes style (whos videos are so inspiring and I wish get his courses soon) or Skottie Young.

    In same time I'm crazy about cartoons with flat stylesXD And time to time just not sure what to do) So I'll keep trying and hope one day find my own style! Thank you again for so helpful notes=)

  • Keep experimenting until you find something you like - at the end of the day, our art should appeal to ourselves first and foremost 🙂


  • @Ace-Connell It's true=) I'll never stop to enjoy the arts)

  • I like all of this. Earlier ones I find I am drawn to more so.

  • @leemoon the comic with the old lady in black and white is great. I really like that style.

    @lee-white kudos to you for all the effort you put into helping others on this site. I love sucking up your little nuggets of knowledge.

  • @seanwelty Why thank you=) That one comic was so fun experiment for me. Will try make something in the same style in future)

  • Few more sketches. I'll soon wall painting in kindergarten=)
    qqq3.jpg IMG_20151110_.jpg

  • Little update. I wish to made this comic soon but who knows)

    page 1 kопировать.jpg

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