Alice in Wonderland - illustration series

  • @smceccarelli Love it! its so illustrative! chapeau!

  • I am not sure about this one...what do you think?


  • @smceccarelli I think the queen's dress needs more dimension to round it out (the way you did with the cheshire cat), but I do love how the points of the hearts are coming at Alice. should have won the SCBWI narrative art award. Totally solid work.

  • @smceccarelli This looks great - i love the texture of the background! for feedback i would agree with Laurel - i think in the drawing that the density of hearts around the waist of the Queen seemed to imply her form more strongly than in the painted version - for the background it is possible that the color, saturation, and texture of the background are pulling my attention from Alice - even when i look directly at Alice she seems to fade from view as the background comes into focus - i messed with levels a bit hoping to find something that might get Alice to pop - did not really get great results but i felt that the green really works to bring Alice forward but maybe not as well with the queen - anyways - feel free to ignore 🙂 this series is really very impressive!!


  • Thank you @Kevin-Longueil @Laurel-Aylesworth! I think you are definitely right, I need to mess a little with the queen's dress. I do not want to put something "inside" the dress, but it needs to get more volume. I also agree that I probably need to push back the background more. My major source of in-person feedback (a great designer colleague) suggested darkening it more. Or maybe it is the saturation. I'll play around. Green looks good - unfortunately the whole series only uses a five-color palette and it does not include green. Maybe I could try with teal and purple instead of yellow and purple...
    Ok, more playing in any case.
    Here is a little fun "extra" I did today for color collective. Not as polished, but I only had two hours...


  • They are all great. I would love to have that book.

  • And the last.
    I like the first three much more than the last two...but I guess I am tired and it's time to pause before I go in and make the final adjustments. I still have about five days, so there's time to look away before going back for corrections and edits.. .


  • @smceccarelli Very nice!!

  • @smceccarelli , amazing work!! I LOVE the color palette--it's so unexpected and it works so well! For the record, I really like the last two. It is hard to pick a favorite--I love Cheshire Cat and also the Tea Party--but they are ALL stunning.

  • @smceccarelli Love it! Your lighting is so good. Everything.....