Nice to meet you!

  • Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all!
    This is my first post and I would like to introduce myself a bit. First of all, you might notice soon that English is not my mother tongue, so if I should confuse you with some babbling, it is because of my German accent. 🙂
    I am a researcher and teacher and work as a biologist at an University Hospital. What means I have time to create just in my spare time.

    In my digital work I like to imitate a traditional look and I love using textures. Furthermore, I love the art of Marvel and DC comics. Honestly, I am not a big comic reader, but I like how light and shadow are used in a very reduced way to create depth.

    Here some pics...
    Schmetterling Paper Cut Perspective Druck.jpg

    Winter Landscape Paper Cut Perspective Variant A Druck.jpg

    Rosental at night V2 for SVS.jpg

    In the last one, I tried to translate a painting from one of my favorite painters (Carl Spitzweg "Der Postbote vom Rosental") into a kiddy comic style.

    I am looking forward to a fruitful interaction with this great group of artists! 🙂

  • SVS OG

    Welcome Jana! And yes, i read the entire post with a German accent hehe. I'm not from germany, but the german force is strong in my family, Love your color choices, and the last one looks straight out of a Disney movie!

  • Welcome aboard, your work it really good and has a unique feel.

  • @Jana Herzlich Willkommen, Jana! Schön, dass du den Weg zu SVS gefunden hast. :o) Mein Englisch ist nicht sehr flüssig, aber ich versuche mein Bestes, hehe.
    What especially do you mean by kiddy comic style? What comic artists inspires you? And have you a particular project in mind that you want to start in this style?
    I ask this questions, because I think it's not only for children's eyes but rather for young-at-heart people. Look at Klaus Ensikat or Shaun Tan. Beispielsweise verkaufen Sie sich unter anderem als Kinderbuchillustratoren, aber für meine Begriffe sind das Bilder und Themen für Erwachsene.

    To cut a long story short: Please tell us more about you, why you come to SVS and what your goals are. ;o)

    Liebe Grüße aus Kiel

  • Danke, Fabienne!
    How nice to see some lines in "Muttersprache". 🙂 Wow, you have many questions, I just try to give you a decent response to them. 😉

    My relation to comics and cartoons is somehow weired. I am actually not a pro-comic reader, but I like the art a lot. When I remember me as a child watching cartoons (you know... these short cartoons in kids TV with Pluto, Tom and Jerry, all this stuff), I was not touched by the stories, but by the images themselves. Because I started drawing early, I dreamed of being able to do draw like this....

    When I used "kiddy style" in the former post, I meant the shapes of buildings being not very realistic, more roundish and cute. You can compare it maybe with my post about Erfurt as a comic city, this is what I would call more a style for adults. It is just my description for the style itself, I would not say that this is also a reader's category. 🙂

    Unfortunately, I almost stopped drawing in my teenage years. Even if my strongest wish in my childhood was to be an Illustrator, I left this path and turned into science. I concentrated to this career (I am working in the field of biophysics at Jena University Hospital) more than 100%. There was no space for art. :-(. But now as I finally (!!!!) can be a bit more relaxed about my job, I immediately found the way back to drawing.

    And I found that my dream of making a childrens book or comic is not totally gone. That's why I am here. I guess here I get the motivation, the feedback, the teaching and everything what I need not to loose this path again. 🙂 There are some ideas in my mind which are developing while I am reading all this interesting posts in this forum. It is so inspiring.

    About inspiring artists you should read the post, which appeared just the other day about this topic. Otherwise this one gets too long... 😉 Hear you soon.

    Liebe Grüße aus Jena,

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