Another reason why SVS rocks...

  • I have been a active forum user for a few years now. I have competed in countless 3rd Thursday prompts and now continue with the monthly prompts from @Lee-White. I have made many connections along the way not only with the teachers of SVS but with the users of SVS and the forums. Tonight marked another way SVS brings us together as a community. @Rich-Green had a piece submitted at a local art gallery and tonight was the opening night. Small world gets smaller when you live only a few towns away from each other and you finally get to meet in person.

    Great piece of work @Rich-Green and it was great to finally meet face to face and chat! Thanks again to SVS for bringing artists closer together.

  • @chip-valecek - I can not thank you and your son enough for coming out to the gallery show this evening, so great to have your support my friend! It was a real pleasure finally getting to meet you in person!

    I absolutely could not agree with you more that SVS is truly a special place on the internet for bringing creatives together!

    Hoping that you will be able to join in a figure drawing session sometime in the future - would be great to be able to hang out and draw together sometime!

    Thanks again Chip, really so nice of you to come tonight!

  • When my husband and I start our full time fifth wheel life, I will have to keep track of whaere pople lve. Maybe I can meet some of you too!

  • Also in case you didn't know @Chip-Valecek is an amazing webpage designer....I hired him to do my business site and logo he did a wonderful job.....Just a quick plug for agree SVS is great for networking SVS people are everywhere.

  • This is awesome!

  • @evilrobot thanks for the free plug! yet another SVS connection story.

  • This is so great! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Maybe we should start a svs meetup in bigger cities. That would be so cool! When jake came to portland to do a book reading, we all met at the bookstore. There was like 20 svs people there. It was awesome!

  • @lee-white Great idea!

  • @Chip-Valecek we’ll have to talk about building me a new website. Right now it is merely a basic website where my images sit.

    Anywho, the only people I have met are Lee, Will and Jake last hear at CTNx. I would love to see some of the other SVS peeps at some point. As for getting to meet the guys in person; they are just as nice in person as they are on the internet, if not even nicer.

  • I agree. In person meetups are a great idea. I am really looking froward to the SVS studio open house here in Utah, but I know that many don't have that option because of where they live.

  • hmmm... maybe I will build a "Where are you SVS" app. You can tag your location and see if any other SVS'ers are near by. Then you can setup a meetup or something. Maybe even post upcoming local events you might be attending. Wonder if that would be something people would be interested in. Thoughts?

  • @chip-valecek I can't wait until we can start having SVS meet ups in different parts of the world! Thank you Chip!

  • @Chip-Valecek I'm into it that would be awesome. Be nice to set up sketch groups and things like that. Meet at a museum or somewhere and all do sketch studies or coffee shop sketch meet ups.

  • I would love to have a SVS sketch group near me! I can't seem to find a group to go sketching or talk art. That would be awesome! C:

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