Cannot get the faces right

  • I'm almost done with this picture, but I am just floundering for some reason on the faces. I can seem to get the lighting and perspective and expressions right. I know its because I have broken rules by usually having the mouths in 3/4 profile instead of straight on. Any feedback is welcome.
    0_1505200583637_warm town day 9 wip 2.jpg
    0_1505200651252_warm town day 9 faces.jpg

  • I think the original faces are fine, but their gestures are a little confusing. Are they supposed to be walking? Or just standing there? If they are walking then the free arm would be moving opposite of the leg closest to that arm. Also they are carrying the box by the string? It seems a little awkward. Love the style And brush strokes!

    I noticed you are from Southern CA, where exactly? I am in San Diego.

  • I also think the original faces were fine. When you are working with a stylized look like you are here it gives you a lot of latitude. Take a day off from this image and come back to it. You will see it looks fine.

    If at that point you are still struggling, add a layer on top and do some structure drawings. That means mapping a center line through the head and also adding eye, nose, and mouth lines that wrap around that structure (like they do in animation). From there it should be easy to change anything you want. ; )

  • Okay, I stepped away from it for a day and came back to it. I'm still not completely satisfied with the picture as a whole, but I think I need to call it finished not perfect.
    0_1505259798895_warm town day 9 no text resized.jpg

  • @stringfellowart When I was doing characters with dot eyes, I would move one eyebrow to the opposite side of the eye to give the illusion that the character was looking in a certain direction This image shows what I mean if you look closely at his eyebrows. Maybe that might help with these girls.

  • @tombarrettillo Thanks Tom! I will have to try that

  • @stringfellowart I like it. It looks really nice. I love teh colors and the lit window behind them. It feels very Christmasy 😉 Like downtown Minneapolis where I grew up 🙂

  • @stringfellowart Nice work! Saw it on instagram earlier today. I really like it!