Hello! Just showing some of my illustrations for feedback and judgment~

  • I keep being told that my style could be suitable for book illustration, but not sure what further directions to take to improve in the ways that are required for various projects.
    Here are a few works and more can be found on photoshopoholic.com

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    Hi! Yes, your style is very charming - I particularly like the first and last illustration you show here and the bee on your website. If you are interested in book illustration, one of the aspects you need to develop/demonstrate is narrative illustration. At the moment, your portfolio only contains single characters or head studies. The majority of book illustrations are full scenes, including background/setting and - more often than not - characters interacting with each other. Depending on style, this requires to tackle perspective and composition challenges and learn to master them.
    Here is an example of a brief for one illustration from a book I did recently (midgrade reader):
    "Cindy walks out of the room, looking back, sadly at her parents. They are angry and shouting at each other. Each clutches a mobile telephone. The room shows a wealthy house: there is a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and nice furniture".
    Briefs for the educational market are probably the tightest one ever gets (this particular book also had directions on ethnicity of the characters and clothes, as well as, obviously, their age), but even if you aim at picture book and have the considerable freedom that goes with that, the majority of illustrations include environment and character interaction.That is the skill I would concentrate on in your case.

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    I love these! Definitely would make great illustrations for childern's books. Wow!

  • Glad you made it over here from the other forum. I agree with @smceccarelli abou including work that's more narrative. There is a competition here every month here with a theme. This month is "Transportation" If you're up for it, I'd encourage you to join in! It might be a good place to start.

  • I love the sketchiness of your lines. The strongest piece to me is the one on your site of the boy leaning over the cat. Perhaps with just a slight head and eye turn toward the cat, you would have a stronger image. The bee images are good as well, and could be improved by moving the "iris" toward the subject the bee is interacting with (the yarn at the top, and the other bee on the bottom).

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    @Photoshopoholic Hi, You have a great style. most definitely suited to the children book market. as suggested by other I would illustrate scenes to tell a story.

    I think you should look up these illustrators Nick Sharratt, Shoo Rayner, Quentin Blake, I think your style is in a similar vein.

  • @photoshopoholic Your logo is awesome! 🙂

  • I like the style of your work for children's illustrations. I checked out your website and you may want to use some of your own work for the first image the visitor sees. I'm assuming the image you are using is a stock photo, a little montage of your characters would ne nice

  • @smceccarelli Thanx so much for all the advice, and for taking a look at my website! ! ❤ Incorporating scenes and characters together seems like a whole new level of challenge, i'll slowly paddle towards that direction xD

    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Thank you! ^-^

    @TessW Thanx heaps! Definitely gotta try join that challenge :))

    @tombarrettillo Thank you! :)) That advice is eye opening for me (-intended pun-), i usually overlook (-intended pun #2-) such details but they seem to make all the difference!

    @julian-beresford Thanx so much! ❤ Looking at those artists' works now -

    @rcartwright Thank you! ^-^ Putting illustrations in the front page definitely sounds better, initially i took that photo to show my drawing materials and the rug to bring an oriental feel to it, but using it as the focus is probably not resourceful at all -

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    Your style is sweet and charming, yes I agree with @smceccarelli add some environment and character interaction, this is something I am terrible at, so we can grow together 🙂

  • Latest from the Mountain Beehive sketchbook~
    alt text alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text alt text

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    Hi, your works are very stylized and cute. I can definitely see them being used for children's books. However, I think you can work on adding some sort of narrative in your illustrations. Good luck!

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