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  • This is project I am working on that I hope to develop into a post card. Any direction? #1 or #2
    1_1503969233009_IMG_1838.JPG 0_1503969233009_IMG_1837.JPG

  • I think the art is great, however, religious themes are probably not going to gather much interest from reps or publishers. I have seen a few publishers websites that make it very clear not to send anything religious, and my guess is that it has to do with the market more than anything. Outside of sending these to Christian publishers, such as Ligonier ( I only know Sproul has done a few PBs) I would try to aim a little more general. I intend to one day do a series on church fathers, but when I do, I will pursue Orthodox publications.

    This is just my two cents, and I might be off, but I am just going with my gut, and the few statements I have seen from specific publishers.

  • I think somewhere between the 2 would work best. The yellows in the 1st one seems a touch too saturated. I think that if you tone down the saturation a little, but cool down the outer areas of the piece then you will get a much better read. I did a quick paint over, adding a few more cools, it's not perfect but it's what I was thinking might read a bit better

  • @eric-castleman there's a good few Christian publishers out there. Look internationally too. Though be aware that pay rates are a bit in the low side. They aren't being mean, just they sell thousands not tens of thousands of units to make it worth it. (I should mention I worked for one of those big publishers,,.)

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    this is so great-good job

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    These are nice, but I feel like there may be a better moment to illustrate if this is going out as a postcard. The goal of a postcard is to immediately grip the viewer to want to know more. With the burning city in the background I feel like there is a more engaging image here that shows some skill with storytelling. This particular image is sweet and well drawn, but overall isn't going to have the attention grabbing power that you want it to.

    Maybe some alternate sketches to show?

    Also, if you are sending out a postcard, have a plan for following it up with more postcards. Nothing is worse than sending out a single card and hoping it hits. Postcard campaigns are typically best if they are done every other month or quarterly at minimum.

    Good luck with your campaign! : )

  • @andyg sure, if the aim is Christian publishers I don't see the problem. I'm just trying to make sure that @Tyson-Ranes doesm't spend a ton of money aiming at the wrong target.

  • @eric-castleman I agree 😉

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    Very sweet picture. Maybe not to send to publishers but you might eb able to sell them for other people to send-a Christian card company? I'm a horrible business person so.....do what everyone else says 🙂

  • I think you must have the dove or else the message could be lost,you always do such wonderful drawings.

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen haha! You are awesome.

  • What a beautiful drawing!

  • Thank you to everyone for the replies! I'm taking all comments into account. This thread is such a good testimony in regards to how each person adds something unique and helpful in aiding in the growth of eacother. All the angles have given me allot clearer picture of how to move forward. And even more reason to recommend this forum to folks seeking to grow as artists. Super cool! Thank yall

  • Thank you @lee-white ! I'm going to go with more intrigue and some follow ups and post on the forums and verifi before I send any out. I will be mainly sending to faith based publishers at first. Here is my latest I think more in line for a postcard.0_1504485979880_IMG_1927.JPG

  • Reworked this piece 0_1508449798890_Good Shep TR.jpg

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    I like the rendering style you are using on these a lot. Nice work.

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