WIP - Possibly my entry for Worst Fear

  • So this is something I started working on after thinking of something completely different for worst fear. But I think I am realizing I might end up using this one instead because I'm really enjoying the creation of this piece. I plan to add more things here and there such as insects or "creepy crawlies" but what do you all think of it so far?

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    @jason-kilthau great idea, i would suggest having the girl just standing vs walking into the woods. That way it would look like she is scared.

  • Thank you @Chip-Valecek I think I will definitely make that change, thank you for the idea!

  • Hi Jason. You have a lot of great things going in this piece, great job. I do think a few changes could improve it-

    1. If this piece is supposed to be from a parent's point of view- like they are scared of their kid encountering dangerous situations, then I think your current pose works pretty well. If this is about the girl being scared, I think that the girl doesn't look scared or even aware of the forest ahead, because she is casually walking along. I'm not sure if a scared kid would hold their teddy bear like that, unless maybe they came upon something suddenly and was caught off guard.

    2. I think you could have more fun with the overall scariness of the scene. I know you'll be adding more stuff, but I think you could play with the shapes of the actual trees more. I think it's really creepy when the trees either look really twisted and gnarled, or if they look unnaturally straight and uniform. I think that your forest is a bit neutral.

    I did a quick paint over, to hopefully show what I mean. I tweaked the pose of the girl, made her smaller, and moved her over a bit to avoid a tangent with the light in the forest. I also tried to play with the shape of the trees, but I think you could go even further.


    Anyway, just some suggestions. You've done a great job so far.

  • Thanks @TessW ! Your paint over actually gave me a really fun idea as well. And the linework you are suggesting to make changes to makes a lot of sense, especially since I just started watching the environment design videos here and they talk about the shapes and which ones are more scary or dangerous versus the ones that feel safe and secure.

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    I think at least having that light source in the background not overlapping the girl makes it more clear.

  • @holleywilliamson Ah good catch! I hadn't even thought about that, thank you!

    I'm about to be on my weekend soon, so I will be making some edits soon and get an update posted!

  • Alright so I finished up the image. I can't really think of anything else I would want to add that would make me feel like it's MORE complete. So this is it!

  • Hi Jason, Great work. I like the composition and the additional elements you added. The shadow hands in the back work particularly well.
    The thing that I think would make this piece better would be adding some more textures. It would be nice to see a bit more of the grass, some texture on the bear or some more detail to the bark.
    Nice to look through your instagram. I really like the robot piece.

  • @sarahelliott489 Hey thank you! adding textures would definitely help, that is actually one of my known trouble issues right now, I have tried multiple things (practices in past) that I either never ended up liking or just couldn't get a handle on so I am still searching for that good texture technique that suits me.

    Also the robot one is by far one of my favorites I have done this year! Thanks!

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