WC Day 20...Getting tired :-)

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    0_1496181687031_18740222_1939171459701667_126385609168525564_n.jpg Okay, I could have spent more time on this but, here's my greyscale after a portion of an illustration out of George Orwell's Animal Farm. I will have to do the color one on Thursday. No time tomorrow. If I do anything it will be a quickie early before I leave for the day.0_1496181595068_18767925_1939171473034999_3860866500938105650_n.jpg

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    very good! I would recommend taking a break if you are getting tired. This is an exhausting exercise and if you aren't at your sharpest it wont have the same value as it does when you are fresh. Now keep in mind, I'm not a big fan of the "consecutive daily drawing challenges" that are out there. I feel like they emphasize quantity and consistency over actually improving, but that's just my take on it. I know others feel differently and that's ok too. : )

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    @Lee-White I can see what you mean because I tend to just want to get it done where I know if I spent more time on it and went back after a couple of days, I would see areas that needed improvement. I always found things when I was taking painting classes. I'd set my painting up and just look at it as I went through the day from a distance and I would see the problems. In fact, everytime I post something on here I immediately see problem areas 🙂 That's why, in an earlier post, I mentioned I would try to be patient. I'm not giving things enough time to be "done". I'll definitely have a break tomorrow.

  • keep going man 🙂 non stop until u reach your goal 🙂

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    @linhb I did a really quick one (about 10 minutes) this morning. I was multi-tasking before leaving for the day. I'll post it later 🙂 It was only to keep fro breaking the chain but I do see what Lee means! Maybe 1/week is better 🙂

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen i mean i just give u my opinion 😃 for me i wont stop until i get what i want 😃 i didnt know how to draw since about 18 months ago 😃 ( 6 first months i learn draw by myself and 1 year in a design school 😃 ) i havent stop from the first day i start :))

  • Keep going! This looks great.

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    @linhb Good for you!

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