Missing Entire Chunks of Info :( No Subtitles/Transcript for Deaf Students

  • Hi -

    I subscribed to the monthly plan because Jake Parker is one of my favorite comic artists. It is so discouraging to see no subtitles or transcripts for the videos. That means I'm missing a lot of information. Could anyone please share more information on the audio portions of the courses?

    It's disappointing to be shut out once again from the education that people take for granted, especially when text information is easy to add with paying customers...

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    Hi Adrean,

    Sorry to hear you are missing out on the video audio portion.

    If you let me know which course you are taking first I may be able to go through and try to transcribe it for you. I'm not sure how to add subtitles to a video but I'm sure there is some way to do it.

    The team at SVS may already have a plan in place to address this issue. I'm sure it would help others to have subtitles too.

    @Lee-White @Jake-Parker if you guys need help with transcribing the courses, I have time this summer.

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    @adrean I just watched a video and was able to turn on subtitles. I'll screen shot it for you! 😃

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    @adrean Here is a screen shot

    click on CC button at bottom of video to turn on subtitles, hope that helps!


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    That works for the Youtube recordings, not sure about the rest of the courses. Sorry, that probably was not very helpful.

  • @Charlie-Eve-Ryan that is really nice of you to offer your time.

  • @Charlie-Eve-Ryan Thank you for what you shared. The automated captions are notorious for garbling content -- they are intended to help with creating final captions, not to serve as actual captions. That means after running the videos through YouTube, SVS needs to download the captions to edit for accuracy and then upload the corrected .srt file.

    @Jake-Parker I'm trying to work through the How to Ink course at this time. It doesnt seem to be posted on YouTube, or on a video format that allows captioning. A transcript could help, especially as a course addendum like other files.

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    @adrean I'm so sorry for this inconvenience. We are an artist run company and we are all trying extremely hard to make SVS the best school around. We know there are things we need to add in the future like captions and other languages, etc. We just haven't had the man power to do it just yet. We are working on it though and that is something we are trying to figure out now. It's all a massive amount of work to run (and build) the site and we are all still working artists too.

    We appreciate the support you guys give us and we hope to address this topic sooner rather than later.

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    @adrean First off I'm honored to be included as one of your favorite comic artists.

    Like Lee said we are trying our best to make SVS the best online art school around. Transcripts of all our classes is on our list of things we want to have available to our students. It's just something we haven't had the resources to devote to yet. But I'll think we will be bumping it up in priority soon.

    We will be keeping everyone posted on this.

  • @Lee-White and @Jake-Parker Thank you for your replies. I really do appreciate your attentions on the matter. It would be easier if the text is considered as part of the budget and process for every video, instead of tacking them on to do later. The same concern given to sound editing ought also be given to text -- if it is considered as essential then it will not look as "troublesome" to do.

    As someone who produces videos periodically, I do understand, and it's good to see that you're bumping it up in priority. I can't afford to pay to wait, so I have to hold my subscription in the meantime, but I am eagerly watching for updates. Again, thank you for taking the time to respond!

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