Ripple Grove Press - looking for children's book story submissions

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm posting this for Ripple Grove Press who contacted me personally asking if I thought you might want a publisher to submit to directly. I have never worked with them - I'm just passing this on as a possibility for you to consider - thank you.

    Ripple Grove Press, an independent children's picture book press in Portland, Oregon is looking for submissions. We want a story that is unique, fun, sweet and visual interesting. For further insight into our press please check out our books and follow our submission guidelines. Our link is here.
    Please put in the subject of your email when submitting "SVS - and the title of your story."

    Contact "Rob"

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  • I know the guy that runs this press. He's a good guy and the company is focusing on making good books. Their advances are really low, but they offer more creativity and also more royalties as a compensation. Not a bad gig if you want to get started in picture books.

  • I have a picture only book that I want to pitch, and was wondering of they would be interested in it, but their guidelines don't seem to say yay or nay to that. Is it unprofessional to email them with a clarifying question such as this?

  • @Eric-Castleman Hey Eric - did you read this yet? Both essays are worth reading I think - good luck to you!

  • @Kevin-Longueil dang, I should have read what they suggested before commenting here. What are the odds it had the subject right there 😉

  • I personally know one of their author-illustrators (Jami Gigot - Mae and the Moon) and I believe she's happy with the outcome of working with them.