Cannot find "Purchased" or "owned" classes on new site?

  • Am i missing something on the new site? - i have purchased quite a few of the SVS classes in the past but cannot find where they are on the new site? is anyone else experiencing this.

  • Yeah, I'm exactly the same...just emailed Aaron about it. I read on another thread here that they have to add 'owned' classes to each person's subscription on the new site manually...

  • My email doesn't work to sign me in anymore. Aaron asked me to re register and email him....but I don't feel like'll just resubscribe when there is some more content I want to watch up. Or there's a class I want to take.

  • Hey guys, sorry about that. That is one of the drawbacks of switching our site over. It's a hassle, but the benefits far outweighed staying with the service we were using. We have to manually load the classes you purchased so email aaron if there is one that you want. Sorry about that, but there was no way to automate that part unfortunately.

    @evilrobot You should have received an email with a new password and your email should be whatever you used before. Let me know if you need that password again and I can email it to you.

  • @evilrobot I had that same problem too, and Aaron asked me to re-register... it wasn't too bad getting it sorted, in the end. I still need to get my purchased classes added back in though.

  • @Lee-White Hey Lee - just to be clear - are you saying that no-one is going through and doing this for all the folks that made purchases in the past.... we need to supply you with which classes we paid to own? and then there will be a link to download?

  • @Kevin-Longueil correct. There was no way to transfer that information over automatically. So we are having to do it manually right now. It will eventually all get transferred over though.

    Once we have your info, we can cross check it in PayPal or stripe to verify the purchase, then we will give you download instructions, etc.

    One question for you guys, Did you download the videos when you purchased the class originally?

  • I did not download them all - only one of them.

  • @Lee-White Is there anyway to access our old dashboard and see exactly what classes we had - i've probably purchase 30'ish classes including SCBWI seminar and Kwik classes that are no longer listed ... anyways i'm a bit fuzzy on whether i bought a few of them or not - would have taken a screen grab if i had a heads up that this would happen.

  • I only downloaded a few sections from one class in total. But it was nice to have a collection of them, knowing you had lifetime access to your favourites. I'm not sure how many classes I had but quite a few - a mixture of critiques, my favourites and free choices from 3rd Thursday. I also would have done a screen grab if I had known in advance, though I can probably work out which ones they were.

  • we can do a search based on your email address and find out what you owned. It's easy to do that for individual requests like this. It's just hard for us to do it manually for everyone at once.

    I can get both of you a list of your classes soon.

  • One quick question for you guys. If downloading a class is an important feature (vs. just owning it online), is there any reason that you didn't download it? We are just wondering because people are saying downloading is important, but then they aren't actually downloading files they purchased. So we are confused and want to understand it better. We want to make the best experience for the students and see what features are truly important to them. We found that most people didn't download a purchased class at all.

    Can you guys talk to me a little about this? Thanks!

  • @Lee-White With SVSLearn, I simply stream via my subscription (no course purchases); however, there are other services where I purchase books, audio/video series, etc. With these, while I might still stream the content I purchased, I most definitely find the ability to download to be important.

    It is important to me due to at least 2 core reasons:

    1. If the internet is down or unavailable (like in the countryside, in an airplane, etc.), I can't access my content via streaming, but I can always play my downloaded content (some services aren't accessible in certain countries too)

    2. If the organization's website goes down (technical/maintenance issues, hacked, out-of-business, etc.) then I wouldn't be able to access my content (in fact, I wouldn't be able to access it ever again) (Similar if my account disappears, is hacked, or just becomes inaccessible for some reason)

    If I had (or do) purchase a specific SVSLearn class, I would certainly be downloading it if available (actually, I download all of the supplemental materials for each class I've been through, which is most all of them)

  • @Lee-White For me owning a class is important - if i watch a class and like it i will generally buy it even though i have the subscription and have in many cases already watched it - i've been a teacher for 14 years and really appreciate a well made class and understand the effort it takes to put it together and appreciate the expertise we are given access to. I have also bought classes i am not really interested in just to support the teacher's effort - so owned classes are little icons of loyalty and appreciation in a way - i'm sure that sounds when they disappeared it felt like my past support was not valued.

    The reason i have not downloaded the classes is that i felt that they would always be there and if for some reason access would go away that i could download them before that happened - it is not urgent for me to get those classes back and i do not have to be at the front of any line....i am just glad to know there may be a process other than me going through years of paypal statements and emails to prove my past support and get my "owned" classes back.

  • I mostly forgot to download my owned classes and did not realize they would not always be tied to my account somehow. Now I have to try and remember which ones I owned. Oy this should be fun. I know migrating a whole site can not be easy. I wish I would have taken a screen shot prior to the switch. Oh well, live and learn.

  • I didn't download the classes I owned because: a) it would have taken up a large amount of valuable disc space on my computer b) streaming the classes is convenient and in most cases the easiest way to work through a class. I don't have to reorganise my downloads on my hard drive, etc. I almost always view the classes at home where I have broadband, so I don't need an offline copy.

    So why care about 'owning' classes? Well, some of it is psychological - 'collecting' my favourite classes even if there's not much difference in practice. Like @Kevin-Longueil says, a certain element of supporting artists you like. But also knowing that you have those classes for life, even if you stop the subscription in the future, is a 'nice to know' thing - even though I have no intention of stopping my subscription any time soon!

    The third reason for owning classes, even if I didn't download most of them, is that a reasonable proportion were bought critiques - which are extra on top of the subscription anyway - or 3rd Thursday prizes. So if you've acquired a collection of classes along the SVS journey, even if it's not critical to your learning, it's still a nice record of your activity on the site.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys.

    We are going to have the content for purchased classes be downloadable, so there is no issue there.

    @Charlie-Eve-Ryan you don't have to memorize what you had. You guys just need to email aaron and let him know what your login email was and if you paid with stripe or paypal. We can look up the purchases that way.