Trying a bit of color...been a while

  • Been about a year since i did any color i think....feel like that was a mistake - i have been enjoying the Oz series though - anyways here is my go at adding color to Dorothy - looks a bit bland at the moment but she is turning out much better than i was anticipating - thought i would throw in a thumbnail of Astrid and Lucy from 2 and 1 year ago to show progress 🙂

    0_1493591230408_Dorothy_color crop Small.png



  • I like this a lot. I see a huge improvement over the astrid illustration.

  • This looks awesome! It hasn't lost any of the feel that your black and white pieces have and could still hang with them as a group, which I feel can sometimes be tricky when adding color.

    Amazing improvement overall, you should be proud of the whole series and how your work has developed over time!

  • @Sarah-LuAnn @mattramsey Thank you both!!

  • Did you just add a color layer over your grayscale? I found that if I do that my colors always seemed so dark/dirty. So now I add a hue/saturation layer with the saturation at 0%. Then I can turn it off and on to check values.

  • Looking good Kevin. Just wondering if you've watched the digital painting video with Kevin Keele demo. He talks about using gradient map to turn your black and white image into a three color painting, then adding the color layer on top of that. It seems to work really well I tried it myself on a black and white image and it worked pretty good. Will Terry does something similar in his image as well tinting the black and white image towards a warm color before adding the base colors in a multiply layer over the top.

  • @Chip-Valecek Hey Chip - her face is a "normal layer" painted directly onto the drawing - tried to keep it to one layer (in Procreate) - did not really paint the hair yet though...does she look dark/dirty to you? i've been trying to work on what i feel are my greatest weaknesses - faces and value are for sure on my list but color is definitely at the top so i need to get to work on it 🙂

  • @evilrobot Hey William - funny... i'm looking all over the internet trying to figure out where to find the Kevin Keele video and it turns out i own it 🙂 Wow ...that was a while ago ... - i really had no idea what anyone was talking about back then (2013?) i bet some of it might sink now if i go back and re-watch the older videos. Thanks for the heads up!

  • This looks really good, not "bland" at all! I think there are a thousand ways to add color to a B&W layer in Photoshop - I personally prefer painting directly on top as well, but I always feel like experimenting....

  • @smceccarelli Thank you Simona! I think by bland I meant there is nothing really exciting going on - I tried to stay away from dramatic or theatrical lighting and just try to make believable color choices - I really appreciate getting your opinion!

  • @Kevin-Longueil Nope not dark/dirty at all, that is why I was asking. I can never get it to look right.

  • Kevin this is looking really good, huge improvement! The skin color choices are spot on, really nice variations.

  • @Chip-Valecek Hey Chip.. i'm not very knowledgeable about layers but i think i remember in Jim Madsen video (which is awesome) that he mentions using an "overlay " layer sometimes to preserve the lighter tones in the painting when adding color and or texture.... i could be way off but maybe give it a try if you have not yet... i just did a little experiment myself and it does not seem as murky as the color layer in the darker tones.
    @natiwata Thank you Nat!