Next four Oz pieces - rough drafts

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    Finally got a little group of Oz pieces going again - had a hard time finding a personality for all of them - i think i am liking them now -
    The Hammer-Head is super creepy - Hammer-Heads are armless, large headed, flat headed, wrinkle necked, bellicose creatures whose heads shoot out to assault the passerby.
    The Kalidah is a Tiger headed bear bodied, large claw and toothed, fearsome creature (Dulcie did a really nice one for the 3rd Thursday a while back) - i anthropomorphized the face a bit and really wanted the bear body to seem large - that is why the head is smallish on the Tiger part -
    For the Monkey King i kept trying to show his wings in full because i really wanted to draw the wings but it really did not fit the way i was approaching the rest of the characters - He will be holding the magic cap that enslaves him (and the rest of the monkeys)
    For Oz "as he truly is" i am not sure about what i have come up with - He is a scoundrel in my opinion ...sending a child to murder a witch being one of his many crimes - so i tried to give him a guilty scoundrel'ish look - it is early on so if there is anything you see that might be a problem let me know - (the rest of the Oz group are up on my portfolio site
    Thanks for looking

    0_1489279310006_Hammer Head.png
    0_1489349998773_Kalidah 2.png
    0_1489387557462_Monkey King 2.png
    0_1489370902514_OZ 3.png

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    Love the look on the lion.

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    @Chip-Valecek Thanks Chip! These are pretty rough right now but i like the Kalidah best too 🙂

  • I love that you are still making OZ inspired work! These look so cool! Can't wait to see them finished!

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    @girlgregg Thank you Jodi! I was shooting for 20 portraits (these will make 17 when i have finished them) but i have at least 7 more characters (including the Emerald City...which has been killing me actually) that seem like they could not be left out of the final group....thank you for the support 🙂

  • @Kevin-Longueil my favorite is the monkey.

    I really like the juxtaposition between the more "messy/loose" charcoal-esq character and the "solid/clean" forms of the wings and stars.

    I'd actually like to see that concept pushed more if that's a direction you feel would work for you.

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    They are all wonderful! My favorite is the first one. You should make a poster out of these when you are done, I would definitely want to get it.

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    @mattramsey Thanks Matt! - really appreciate the feedback - i like the unfinished messy parts too - i will definitely keep your feedback in mind as i work these out.
    @smceccarelli Thank you Simona! I'm glad you like the first one - i was worried that he was turning out way too creepy 🙂 I love the poster idea - i will do that for sure - thanks again.

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    I love the monkey king! These are so great. Well done!

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    @Sarah-LuAnn Thank you Sarah-LuAnn! I really Appreciate the feedback 🙂

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