Nana character design for new book dummy project

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    After my agent sent the book dummy I was working on back to the drawing board (too many characters, main agent unclear, story structure confusing...), I have started working on a new one. This one is a very simple "loss-coping" book about the passing away of a beloved grandmother. It is mostly about memories, so the old lady is the main character in the illustrations. She is a witty lady, life-loving and sophisticated....but also a tough, independent woman up to the very last day. Actually just like my late grandmother.
    Which one resonates most? I'll probably do some more, I am not convinced yet...

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    Number 6 seems to capture the character you are describing very well - there is something very energetic and optimistic about her expression - she may not look quite old enough though?? - they all have something very nice about them though but a possibly older 6 will get my vote 🙂

  • I love #2... #4 is also great.

  • I always love your sketches/line work! I think #1, #2 (maybe with some adjustments, to make her seem less shy), absolutely #6 and #8 have great potential for the character you are describing. I agree with Kevin, that #6 has the most personality and I want to know more about her!

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    I feel like anyone asked would be biased to choose whichever looks most like their own grandma 🙂 That being said, I like #2 and #4.

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    @smceccarelli - I just can't help but look at #5 and think she is Carl from UP! as a woman. The face, chin, glasses, she just needs the four footed cane with tennis balls on it and I would swear she is his sister!

    While #1 looks quite sophisticated - she might also look a bit too snooty or proper. #2 is a great character design but I am not sure I get tough/independent from her.

    There is something about #4 that says witty/sophisticated, tough but in such a charming way.
    #6 is also a stand out as she comes across as witty and independent but perhaps in a bit more loud way . Where is #4 is more subtle/quite when she enters a room but sharp as a tack.

    So all that to say I like #4 or #6 depending on if she is reserved or a bit bold accordingly.

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    4 and 6 seem to fit the character most, to me. Possibly 5.

  • I'm a fan of 1 and 3

  • Number 4 and 6 fit the description best! I think that 6 looks a little more exciting and kooky and 4 looks a little more warm and personable

  • Im leaning #4. I love these they have such a cool quality to them.

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    I love #2 but maybe a different shape to her glasses would give her a more independent feel.

  • I agree with @Sarah-LuAnn...I'm biased to choose the one that reminds me of my own grandma. (#2) I do think that #2 doesn't quite look "independent" but that may because she is looking up--like a child looking up to a parent or someone. If her eyes were focused down, I think that would totally change her personality.

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    Thank you everyone! I moved the gaze direction of number 2 - the impact is really surprising. And added two more - I wanted to try without glasses.
    Any new favorites?

  • #2 really works for me because it's that "sneaky grandma factor"... my grandma was a fairly unassuming looking woman but had a very adventurous spirit (she could instantly have a gleam in her eye... man, I miss her)... I think the character design has a possibility for a wider range of emotions/expressions... able to look unassuming but will look great with more extreme expressions.

  • ...and situations. For some reason I could see that character riding a motorcycle or on water skis and in the next panel totally comfortable standing in a kitchen baking cookies. Alright, I'll stop... for now.

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    1 resonated with me most they are all awesome

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    I like #1, #4 and #6. Number 6 is my favorite. Seems like she fits all the traits you listed. I like #2 a lot as well but she doesn't seem like she fits the "tough" part she seems too sweet. Same with #4. I think #1 could work but would need some more fleshing out.

  • Number 6 stood out to me instantly. She is somehow more contemporary, I think - todays grandmothers are awesome 😃

  • I love all these, but 5 holds a place in my heart, she reminds me of my great granny!

  • Idk, but I like 1 & 7. Sorry if that throws your poll off a bit 😉

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