My draw 50 things WIP

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    Needed a short break from the dummy book and other things going on in my life right now. So, thought I'd try to do Will's challenge. Here's how far I got today. 0_1488101261143_50-things-wip.jpg

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    This is looking really nice!

  • Looking really good.

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    Looking awesome! I love to see how your scribbly sketch is coming together. One comment--why the heck is that buy just standing there looking like he's bored out of his mind? Will he be doing something with his hands once you get the stuff on the counter working or something?

    Other than that--wow! Very nice.

  • Looking very nice :). On a sidenote: isnt it funny how we illustrators take a break from a drawing, by drawing something else haha...

  • Nice work. It already looks like it has a lot of depth.

  • Diggin' it.

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    Thank you very much. Here's my next work in progress. This is taking a very long

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    @evilrobot Hey William this is looking great! I'm not sure if you are looking for feedback yet but i have a bit of feedback that i am unsure of myself - there is something about the perspective tat feel off to me - things i've come up with as to why this might be are - possibly your 3rd point in this three point perspective is not centered to the canvas an it is giving it a distorted look looks like it may be centered above the boy - possibly the 3rd point is too close to the top of the frame - our viewpoint is high but this perspective with the third point high implies a worms eye view - if i make a line from the top of the store clerk's head over to the doors following what i believe is the laid out perspective the clerk is slightly taller than the door - i think the fluid in the bottle closest to the bottom edge of the canvas is showing a different ground plane than the one the boy is standing on......the surface of the fluid and the cap should maybe be more parallel to the surface of the shelf with the cake on it?.... i'm sorry about all of these disjointed thoughts - i'm just trying to articulate what it might be that feels off not necessarily what is off - anyways .. you know i love your work and this is way cooler than anything i could pull off - feel free to ignore - it is looking awesome really.

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    Thanks for the feedback @Kevin-Longueil. You're right I do have a strange angled third point. Yeah, there is some stuff off mainly due to I had a layer with my perspective grid and I deleted it by mistake and then saved over it. So, I tried to recreate the grid but I'm off a bit. So, the first part was drawn with one grid and the second with one that is slightly off and it's giving me problems. The perspective on this piece is killing was going to use 3d and make it perfect but, decided I wanted to do it by hand. (Since it's a personal project if it was for a client I would have used 3d to lay it out for sure) I'm hoping a few tweaks here and there in Photoshop and resizing a few things will make it passable. The barrels and the popcorn machine I know have some scale issues as well in relation to the characters. Thanks for the feedback always welcome and appreciated.

  • O wow, this looks amazing!

  • Really like what you have done so far love the foreground!

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    Well took me long enough but I finished the line drawing for this. Had to put it away for awhile. 0_1494489907333_50-things-line-finished.jpg

  • @evilrobot It looks great and it will take me years to draw like that. Wow...:-) However it seems to me, that the gum ball could be smaller. Unless its a really enormous object.

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    And one more work in progress for the night don't know if I'll keep the warm color for the shadows or go cooler. 0_1494497479729_50-things-WIP-color.jpg

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    Love it!

  • @evilrobot awesome work

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    This is looking great! It may just be me, but the tile lines on the floor seem a bit off. They work well with the boy but feel off when looking at the popcorn stand and the shelves behind the boy. I like the direction and look forward to seeing more!

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    Think I'm calling it finished now 0_1495093687943_50-things-finished.jpg

  • @evilrobot Very good work!!! I think you nailed it! The only thing that is bugging me is what @Sarah-LuAnn pointed out... I think you are loosing a lot of storytelling by just having the guy standing there. Maybe he could be looking at his watch, exasperated that the boy is taking so long to decide what he wants ? Otherwise, great work!

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