Illustrator in the Spotlight - SCBWI IL Prairie Wind Article

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    Hi Everyone!

    In the fall of last year I was selected to be the Illustrator in the Spotlight for the IL SCBWI Newsletter called the Prairie Wind.

    It was such an honor to be selected and I had so much fun answering the questions they included for the article.

    It takes a few months after it comes out before you are allowed to share/reprint it - so I am very excited to be able to do that here and now with all of you.

    SVS has played a significant role in my personal growth and development as an artist (which I mention in the article) and all of you amazing artists here in the forum have inspired and continue to inspire me every single day. And you also challenge me to get better with each new piece I create, because all of your work is so incredible.

    So please know how much I THANK and appreciate all of you!




    This article was first published in The Prairie Wind, the newsletter of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, Illinois. If you would like to see the full Fall 2016 issue or previous issues please go to:

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    @Rich-Green Awesome! Congrats!
    ( ^ - ^ )

  • This is so super! 🙂 Congrats! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
    You must be very proud.

  • I just want to pop in and say how much I love your Babe the Big Blue Ox illustration 😉

    Do let me know when Chicago Treasure gets published - I'm a Chicago native and would love to check it out!

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    That is awesome! Congratulations!!!

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    Thank you @QuietYell, @Jana, @handdrawnviolist and @lmrush !

    And I am so happy to hear you like Babe @handdrawnviolist ! I will be sure to share info on when this book becomes available sometime later this year if everything stays on schedule!

  • Congratulations , that's awesome!

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    @Rich-Green Congratulations on a fantastic article! It's interesting to read your story about your earlier work before turning back to art. You've made so much progress already...really happy for you. And - on a side note - love the blue cow! 🙂

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    @Dulcie - Oh thank you so much Dulcie! That is what I enjoy about this community here so much, we are all growing and making each other better along the way. How can you show up here and not be inspired day in and day out by what everyone else here is up to, or the successes that are coming their way.

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    @Ed-O Thank you so much Ed! Appreciate that!

  • @Rich-Green it's funny because reading your interview because I also had a Koala Pad back in the day! LOL I spent a lot of time on that thing back then. I also grew up in the Chicago area - Frankfort ( out by Joliet )

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    @Ed-O Such a small world here in SVS I am in New Lenox.

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    Hi Ed - I grew up on the south side of Chicago and then we moved to Tinley Park when I started High School at Andrew. So I know Frankfort quite well! My parents still live in Tinley. Such a small world!

    And it is awesome that you had a Koala pad as well. I loved that thing and like you spent countless hours drawing on it - pixel by pixel it seemed!

  • @Chip-Valecek and @Rich-Green that is amazing. LOL Wow, 3 illustrators from the same stomping ground! I moved out to the Phoenix are in '97 so I haven't been home in a long time.

    Rich, my cousins went to Andrew and I also lived in Palos Heights after high school, went to MVCC and eventually went to NIU in DeKalb. What a small world : )