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    Hey everyone, I was recently asked by my regional SCBWI illustration coordinator if I would do a spot illustration for the "from the messy desk of your co-RA" section of the newsletter. Her suggestion was to show a giraffe sitting at a messy desk, barely able to fit. Thoughts welcome!

    0_1484703274734_Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 5.19.27 PM.png

  • Nice, but where are the front legs?

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    @Russ-Van-Dine - Ha, I was just looking at this and realizing the sketch did not read well! Here's a modified version with some color in the sketch that I think makes this read a lot better. The front legs were supposed to be typing with the back legs bent up. This is NOT real giraffe anatomy I know, but anthropomorphized. Moving the arms to outside helps I think

    A or B ?


  • i think its funny. id make the desk even messier. a tall stack of papers, a cup bursting with pens and pencils, papers falling off the desk. kind of like my desk like now. 😉

  • maybe even a wastepaper basket that is overflowing on the side

  • @natiwata I think B reads better as she's more compact and taking up a smaller space.

    I love your concept and think this is delightful! I agree with @MirkaH that you could definitely push the amount of things on the desk and I like the idea of an overflowing waste paper basket as well, but I think the illustration still works wonderfully without it.

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    Beautiful! Very Zoothopian! B defnitely is better - the giraffe looks more uncomfortable than in A. I am a little distracted by the necklace (also because of the color you have sketched in). I a not sure if it is because it stops the flow of the neck or because it does not fit with the rest of her attire. Maybe you could try leaving it out?

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    @MirkaH @handdrawnviolist Thanks, and great suggestion to push the mess even further! I'm going to ramp it up.

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    @smceccarelli Thank you, good point on the necklace, I'll play with placement and if it is more distracting than enhancing the piece.

  • Hi! I agree to everything was was said before. Very nice pose particularly in B.
    I also was distracted by the neckless, because it made me wonder about the gender. The clothing looks more male to me.
    I am looking forward to see the finished piece. 🙂

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    I love it, I immediately thought she needs a really long loopy sippy straw to her coffee lol-you have mad drawing skills!

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    Just saw the necklace post , she could also have a very long turtle neck 🙂

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    This is looking great already! I actually really like the necklace, it drew my attention but in a good way - it looks fun dangling like that. I'm more bothered about the neckline on the clothing - it maybe looks like the clothes don't have enough 'body' to them, maybe they should subtly stick out more compared to the giraffe's neck, if that makes sense. Also, I know this could be a perfectly sensible outfit for a working lady giraffe to wear, but I feel like that neckline could be more fun somehow - a collared shirt, or ruffle or buttons or something to make it more interesting and match the necklace in terms of fun accessories. Great ideas also from everyone else 🙂

  • I think it looks really cool! I love the way his neck is bent down. Great job!

  • @natiwata My favorite is B as well.

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    Looking great I also agree with everyone else B is the best option.

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