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  • @Renduin I really like your texture. I would say that the tree in front of the snowman(bear) should be removed. And then the tree in the foreground should be moved over to the left some more so it is not touching the the character. I think that would help bring the characters into focus. Also with the sun setting in the back Not sure if there would be so much bounce light on the left side of the main character.

  • @Chip-Valecek Thanks for giving me some ideas to consider! One thing to clarify is that the sun is meant to be rising rather than setting. I don't know if some of my color cues indicated otherwise...

  • @Renduin yeah sun setting and rising is always a tricky thing to pull off.

  • Hi @Renduin ! Very cute idea. πŸ™‚
    I have a problem with the posing of Mr Bearis though. I don’t really see why he took this little ladder with him. He is barely standing on it and obviously he would reach the snowbears ear even without it. I would either let it out or give it a more important function.
    I hope this helps. πŸ™‚

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  • hi Renduin, Lovely concept, I really like the look and feel.
    Just a view quick tips.
    Make sure you have a solid focal point. There's a lot going on in your pic that seem to just show your render skills but don't add anything to the picture. For example the tree's they have a awful lot of detail, but you don't need it to show that these are tree's. They distract from the bear, the nice snowman and the wonderful snow you've painted. So I should get rid of the green branches, and see how it feels. The rim light on the left side of the bear is a bit strong. Go for the best!

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  • I love your snow and pine needles-it is a lovely image, the idea of a snow bear is so endearing, the only place I got stuck was the eyes, the whites seem a bit large but that is only my opinion- great job!

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  • This has a nice feel and what you're trying to do with the light will make it have a nice feel!

    I would suggest taking this down to values and figuring out how to focus the image and add depth before moving to color. Right now there are a lot of competing darks and lights. I did a really quick adjustment and you can see where I'm going with it I hope. One thing to consider would be making the hills snowy in the background, which would make sense.

    When considering color there is a great opportunity here to use nice blue hues in the snow shading and use warmer colors to focus in on the character.


  • @natiwata A lot of good thoughts, and I'd definitely say that value structure is an improvement. I think I very well may do like you suggest and take it back down and build it back up. It was a challenge bringing things together, but I can say that I've not been satisfied with the final results. My eyes got stale on this one and my process was not as good as it might have been. I am learning though.

  • great points @natiwata made, I feel it sometimes helps me to put a piece away for a bit even a week and come back with fresh eyes and motivation, please share your updates!

  • Okay, I went back to black and white, corrected my values and built it back up. I decided to go for something different for the colors. Funny thing is this took me 1/20th of the time to color that the first one did. I've learned a lot in the last week. At any rate, thoughts? Advice?
    0_1484622349546_Image 27.jpg

  • You really captured the morning light, I especially love how it hits the snowbears face, and the chimney smoke,.....this is only my opinion but I just loved loved your first trees-thank you for sharing your process

  • @lmrush yeah, I've debated what to do with the trees. On the one hand, I like to render details like that, but on the other hand they're not narratively important, so I thought doing a bit more value grouping would be beneficial.

  • @Renduin I completely understand, I need to follow your lead and do the same with my own as well πŸ™‚

  • Hi! It is really nice how all the objects in the piece capture the light conditions in both versions.
    However, to me the first version was much more morning light than on the second. The second looks to me more like a late afternoon. But maybe I made different experiences here in Germany. πŸ™‚
    I agree to Lisa: The smoke is awesome!

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