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  • I have a Wacom Cintiq 22HDT and I use Photoshop CC. My cursor has been disappearing since the update to CC 2017. I'll go to make a mark and the cursor will vanish. It's like it knows I'm about to draw. It's happening often enough that it's making it really hard to work. Not only that but it will also randomly change to the rotate tool and my art board will zoom in and rotate. My wacom driver is up to date. I'm hoping there's a simple fix,or a driver update coming, and my hardware isn't dying. This thing is only a year old. Anyone been having problems like this?

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    @Lydia-M I have never had this, but I do have one minor recurrent problem with the Cintiq - it will randomly and drastically change the color balance in Photoshop (and only in Photoshop). I have a fix for it (basically I need to open another software window on the Cintiq and close it again and everything is fixed), and I am so used to it that it does not even bother me. Actually, I quite like to see how the art look with a different color balance...
    I could never solve the problem at the root, however in my research I found a mention that some operating systems and some graphic cards will have some problems with the Cintiq because it is not a traditional monitor. I know this all too well because the Cintiq destroyed two graphic cards on my new Mac a year ago (overheating it seems?). Also, my system will not restart cleanly if I live the Cintiq attached when I restart (I have a workaround for that too, though). There are many setups where the Cintiq works without a glitch, so I cannot say that this is a systematic Cintiq problem - but I would consider de-installing and re-installing both the drivers and Photoshop (easy if you have CC). Maybe first photoshop, then the drivers. It that does not work, maybe you could think about looking into a different graphic card. Have you tried googling your problem? There are millions of forums around graphical software and Cintiqs, maybe someone has exactly the same issue...

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    @Lydia-M maybe not related but when I got my Surface Book and I tried to remote desktop my cursor would disappear in some programs. It was so hard to work. I found if I go into my mouse settings and pick the default black cursor that everything was fine. Something about the theme of the cursor was causing it to hide. Good Luck and hope you can fix it.

  • I did some googling but I couldn't find the exact problem. After I updated to CC 2017, but before I updated the Cintiq driver, the cursor went nuts. It couldn't even be controlled with the mouse. Now there's just this annoying problem. My graphics card, which WAS a GeForce GTX 780, died right after the warranty expired (it was purchased refurbished). Figures. But that was some time last year so I've been running with the on board Intel HD graphics without any Photoshop problems until now. Maybe sometime after Christmas I can get another graphics card but I kinda doubt that will be possible.

    I did read that the brush spacing might affect it but that fix didn't help. I also read about the pc confusing the mouse and the pen input, but that's not a fix because I don't want to turn off my mouse. I still use it. I didn't have any theme on my cursor, it was set on NONE, but I did change it to Windows system default. We'll see if that does anything.

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