Finally making progress on the Good Witch of the North :)

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    She needs a bit of work still of course (especially her clothing and the lighting)- but i am finally happy with her personality - (here is the link to the last three Witches i was stuck for quite a while on this one 🙂

    0_1480823865570_Good Witch of the North - new.png

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    Hi Kevin, so glad to see you continue on these!! I have been completely overtaken by a tornado in the past weeks, and I am not totally sure where I will land when it is over....probably in Oz, in the middle of a quest and fighting against evil witches for the grand prize...
    Without speaking in riddles, many good things are happening, but all too fast and at the same time, which is proving quite overwhelming. Hopefully I will have more clarity in a few weeks and can relate my experiences.
    With regard to the Good Witch of the North....your work is always of very high quality, but somehow my totally subjective impression is that this one is not at the same quality as the others you have done in this series. I believe there is something unconvincing about her proportions: the shoulders seem too narrow and the hands too big. The features also look a little rigid compared to the way in which you have masterfully handled other portraits. This is only my impression and only because I have your normally high standard to compare with - it is in itself a very nice portrait - and a great costume design.

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    @smceccarelli Thank you for the thoughtful feedback Simona! I look forward to hearing more about your tornado! One of the struggles i have had with the Good Witch is that she is not human but is a little person the size of Dorothy - i made her shoulders narrow and her hands larger than should be to give a sense of that. My fear is that she is reading as a poorly drawn person and not an other worldly Witch... which is what I'm hearing 🙂 I think if this were in the book next to the description of the Witch that it her proportions might work.....that is a bit weak though isn't it ? ...relying on context - i am very interested in making her less rigid - is there too much detail? Too many lines? I have used the same brush for the last twelve or so pieces ... but i had a feeling i was reducing the brush more than i did on any of the others.. anyways ... thank you again for your thoughts very much appreciated!!

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    @Kevin-Longueil You can definitely plan the image so as to work only with the text - however, if she is a person of gnome-like proportions or child-like proportions, I believe the head should be larger. I tested it roughly...just a thought.
    0_1480891148594_1480823866979-good-witch-of-the-north-new copy.jpg
    It does look a little more line-driven than your other portraits, especially the hands.

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    @smceccarelli Very good call on the head size - that really seems to solve the proportion problem - i'll make this change for sure - thank you again for your help 🙂

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    All I have to say is those hands! WOW i love them.

  • Great work! I like the costume design on the stars around the hat. Not sure if you are going this way but it might be cool/whimsical to make them paper stars hanging down from string.

    Very nice job on the face. My only crit on that is the small wrinkle area on the top of her nose (between the eyes). Right now it looks "pebbley" and it's almost as if she has a sore or growth there. Pretty minor fix imo.

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    @Chip-Valecek Thank you Chip! - they are a cross between some online reference and some reference i took with my Mother's hands - plus a bunch of made up wrinkles - i added the rheumatoid arthritis at her knuckle too - i imagine these hands would take some folks a couple minutes to draw but they took me basically a day going back and forth between brush and eraser and not liking them and liking them... - i'm glad you like them Chip!

    @mattramsey Thank you Matt! - i was going for nodules and wrinkles at the top of the nose - maybe i went a bit too far and should soften them a bit - i like you paper star idea - maybe not for this one though - i have stars in the hair of the other good witch too.. in the book this one is covered with little stars - Thanks again for your feedback!

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