Any good tips on how to make snow look like snow?

  • Snow has always been a challenge for me. I am currently working on a new painting for Christmas, and naturally snow is in the scene. However, I always assumed that reflective colors was key, but I just can't ever get it right. Any advice?

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    @Eric-Castleman check out some of Will Terry's paintings of snow - purples and blues and whites and when appropriate nice oranges and yellows from a reflected warm light source.

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    Snow is a unique material to paint for sure. You would say, oh its just white. Google search snow and there are so many references on how light plays with the color of it.

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    There was a part on snow in an SVS video I don't remember which one it was a long time ago. Does anyone else remember?

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    @lmrush I remember Will Terry talking about the colour of snow during the very early stages of the Color and Light class...he had a picture of a snowy scene up on the screen and was using the colour picker to choose areas in the snow, then colouring that colour beside the picture - mainly shades of grey - his main point being that you think snow is 'just white' but actually it's almost never white when you analyse colours in a photo. That was really interesting, it made you think about the values and saving the white just for the brightest highlights.

    I'd agree with @Kevin-Longueil that Will has done some really lovely snow scenes worth studying, and they never look dark even though they have all so many colours in them apart from white.

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