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  • After a long pause on this Posters for a vet office work, the vet decided that they are going to refurbish the whole office and instead of posters they want an illustrated panel across the whole reception desk - about 12 ft wide. So this is the second time I get into doing a huge illustration (the last was nearly 30 ft big printed and is currently at Basel airport), which is a pain in the neck because you have to really go into the details and it takes forever....
    Anyhow, I have expanded a previous proposal they liked and now I have the final sketch and would really appreciate feedback!
    They have not decided yet whether they want it painted, black and white or cell shaded - so I will do a couple of tests and see where they head.


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    I love this, just wonderful, keep posting!

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    This is such a wonderful drawing - if I were to work in that vet's office it would be so nice coming in to see that on the wall every day! I'm sure it will be a great investment for them. All the animals are so characterful, just perfect....but since you are asking for feedback I'll add that the vet's ears bother me a bit - they look a little elfin, or a bit big, or something. But this is a nitpicky thing to mention in such a great sketch πŸ™‚ Will be great to see it finished!

  • @Dulcie Thank you Dulcie! Yes, I tend to do the ears too low and distinctly elfin - my thesis project had half a dozen elf characters and I drew them over and over again for two will take a while to get rid of that habit! Thanks for pointing it out, I will check that.

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    I can imagine that if you drew elves for two years solid, the habits made while drawing them would get kinda engrained! Looking forward to the next instalment πŸ™‚

  • This is perfect! Don't change a thing

  • It is a great illustration! I love the expressions on all the characters. Even the fish in the bowl looks happy and eager to see the vet! My only critique is the first cat. His shape is more simple/stylized than the other animals, especially when compared to the other cats. Alone, it is an awesome shape. But when compared to the other animals, it seems out of place. This illustration really is wonderful!

  • Design is awesome, characters are great. One small change I might make is the turtle in the bottom right seems a bit heavy, kinda stops the flow from that side... maybe a little more white space before you get to him...

  • That is such a great drawing! Full of fun characters and details, I'm sure it will delight pet owners and the people working there. I look forward to seeing it coloredshaded, whichever version they decide on.

  • I am sorry I am not contributing much these days. Things are sort of exploding and I am swamped.
    I have finished and delivered this meanwhile, so for the curious, here is the final. It is a highly compressed version, so most of the details are lost. If you want to see all the 5 million fur hairs that I had to paint, there are some details on my website.

    As per last discussion, they plan to plot it and mount it under plexiglas - hope they send some pictures when they are done!


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    @smceccarelli SO GOOD!!!!

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    So awesome my favorite is the dog fur!

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    Awesome, love the cat going after the fish water bowl.

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    Wow, great work. That looks so good.

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    @smceccarelli Turned out great Simona! - would love to see the installation photos too

  • Your painting skills are Crazy good! I I was looking at the sketch for so long but then I scrolled down and saw the colors! So well done!

  • @orokotanman @evilrobot @Rich-Green @lmrush @Charlie-Eve-Ryan @Kevin-Longueil Thank you so much for your kind words!!! I hated it towards the end, so it is good to get some perspective πŸ™‚
    Just re-watched one of Lee WhiteΒ΄s videos when he says "the size of the final image may affect your process, so ask the client about it" - and I thought how true that is!
    In case you get asked to do images for a billboard, calculate at least 3 times the time that a standard size would take (I am talking for digital - traditional is a different story altogether) and make sure your computer can handle the file size. My first billboard two years ago was the reason I ended up buying a new computer....

    And thinking of big images, here is one of my favorite artists doing something amazing:

    Android Jones Planetarium

    He is a crazy guy doing HUGE art - normally live - all over the world. And also some pretty amazing "normal" art. His videos also introduced me to psy-trance (one of my favorite types of music while I am painting).

  • @smceccarelli Great work! The tortoise and the hare on top reference was not lost on me πŸ™‚

  • Great piece smceccarelli

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