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    If you are experiencing a sense of loss as am i and are searching for a sense of direction - i propose that we each choose a piece that we have completed for 3rd Thursday within the past year and illustrate the scene before or the scene after - not sure how long it will be before 3rd Thursday is back on track but this seems like a solid way to spend our time in the meantime for portfolio development 🙂

  • I missed the 2nd half of last night's broadcast - is there not going to be a 3rd Thursday for a while? 😞 I hope that's not the case - I've been looking forward to taking part in Oct!

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    @amberwingart if you read Lee's "3rd Thursday is evolving" thread that should explain it - I was just thinking of what I could do to be productive in the meantime - and tossed the idea out there for other folks too - seems like it would be time well spent 🙂

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    @Kevin-Longueil Last night going to bed I was like "Man this really sucks... I guess I have to focus on my projects now" LMAO I always used 3rd Thursday as a break from the projects I am working on. And here you are getting me side tracked again.

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    @Kevin-Longueil this is a good idea, Yet somehow I liked the somewhat random nature of the 3rd Thursday prompts, that forced you to do something you would not have done left by your means. There is a lot of prompt sources out there, collections of pre formulated ones or random generators (I used to use "Brainstormer", an app that combines a situation, emotion and genre in a random way). I liked the 3rd Thursday ones because they were geared for children illustration. And the big motivation for submitting was the possibility of getting some honest feedback by very competent illustrators - this was really a rare treat.
    I understand that they think within the format of a course this would be more impactful for the students and more sustainable for them, but obviously also less accessible.
    Lee White suggested we give ourselves prompts and deadline within the forum. Certainly this would not be the same thing, but I would be happy to participate in that too. How would we go about that?

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    I would definitely participate in a forum-led 3rd Thursday challenge. I'm sure that between us we could come up with prompts ourselves...

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  • There's also Sketchfest every month... There's no critique, but it would give everyone a deadline and the prompts are generated by the general public and the artists, so you typically have anywhere from 30-50 to choose from.

    I'd kind of prefer to take part in something specifically SVS-oriented though, since there's such a great group here. I find the critiques from fellow artists here really helpful too, so maybe we could critique each others' work in lieu of the teachers' critiques?

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    @amberwingart I haven't heard of Sketchfest, that sounds interesting. I agree it would be nice to have something SVS oriented though. I'm sure we would still get a lot of out critiquing each other's work.

    Here's a list of ALL 3rd Thursday prompts so far (in case it's useful to anyone who only started recently, or missed some out...):

    • Thomas could almost reach it when…

    • Redesign 4 characters from the Wizard of Oz.

    • After being stranded for months, Willie could not believe who was here to rescue him….

    • ____ is the only ___ that doesn’t care for ___

    • Illustrate a fortune cookie.

    • This was a pretty BIG problem, but Lucy was confident. She popped open her magic toolbox and immediately found the perfect tool for the fix.

    • Haven brought it to Show and Tell…even though she never got permission.

    • Love

    • Stanley ran outside as fast as he could to see what made that horrendous noise.

    • The reindeer got the flu so Santa used…

    • Make a book jacket (cover) that will be used for a volume of Edgar Allen Poe stories.

    • None of the animals could believe their eyes. The aircraft worked! For the first time Ostrich was actually flying!

    • As Charly walked deeper into the forest he heard singing and dancing. He peeked out from behind a huge tree and saw…

    • Astrid cautiously stepped out of the aircraft onto soft, spongy turf. Though she didn’t see anything she had a deep sense that she wasn’t alone.

    • Design any spread that you want from ‘Jack and the Beanstalk”

    • Amanda was so excited for her first day at the cottage until…

    • School was out for the summer and Martin was in for a BIG surprise!

    • Sabrina was scared but bravely comforted the lion as she gently pulled the large splinter out of his paw

    • …and Bernie escaped from the zoo!”

    • Kaia was diving in tropical waters when she discovered it! It shimmered and glistened in the light as she wondered how to get it up to the boat before anyone discovered her secret…

  • Also, in addition to whatever is decided for the monthly challenge/3rd Thursdays here in the forum, how about having a weekly sketchfest of our own here in the forum? Every Friday or Saturday (whatever is best for everyone), whoever wants to take part can post some prompts in that week's thread and then we can all spend an hour or two sketching it/them out and then posting them. Then those who want feedback could get it from the others (and even from those not participating).

    I try to sketch every night, but I especially love sketching late into the night on Fridays and saturdays. Having others sketching and/or giving feedback would definitely keep me inspired to sketch more & would give us something fun to look forward to each week.

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    I like both ideas very much. Experience tells that for any initiative to work out you need a leader or at least an administrator that calls the shots. Maybe @Kevin-Longueil would be willing to call out the prompts and determine the deadline? Or shall we take turns among ourselves (the one in charge for the month deciding who is to take charge for next month)? Could we use the SVS Facebook page to post the final work at a given date?
    Just bouncing ideas...I think the community here is too good to let it loose momentum....

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    I like all these ideas too. I'm sure @Kevin-Longueil would do a good job as leader/administrator. I'd be happy to support/help him in terms of thinking of 3rd Thursday-style ideas for prompts - there are so many interesting ideas we could do, looking at the past list I'm sure we can think of more that are just as good.

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    This is a great idea and could be fun, plus if all the final pieces are placed in one thread, I'd be happy to go through and give feedback, even if I can't participate that month. Maybe the thread could be 3rd Thursday (Month) Finals.

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    If this is something we would like to do, I could create a submission form. So you can submit your final image. Then using the submissions I could create the slide show for everyone to see the final pieces. I could create a site on my server just for this. We could post the prompt and details/instructions for submission. Use the forums as we do now for feedback and possible google hangout instead of gotomeeting. Maybe call it something new not to confuse anyone. Just throwing out some ideas.

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    @smceccarelli @Dulcie Thank you both for your votes of confidence! I was thinking that maybe we would only need keep ourselves busy for a month or so(@Lee-White ?) until the new 3rd Thursday model was revealed - but if we were to forge ahead with a forum based model i would vote for one or both of you two for sure - i don't think i would be comfortable with myself leading the 3rd Thursday for many reasons - selfishly speaking i think it would break it somehow for me too - practically speaking i think you two are awesome and people really respect you both - the work you do and the critiques you give - really great - The other idea i had was that i bet Lee would be willing to just make up a prompt for the forum folks to work on - or give an assignment that the forum could work on - with no instructor critiques at the end just us working together but with a deadline. Those are my thoughts 🙂

  • @smceccarelli I vote for @kevin-longueil taking the helm! He's very encouraging with everyone and his work is excellent 🙂

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    I agree with with @amberwingart that you could start it out Kevin (@Kevin-Longueil) - and it would just be about issuing the prompt and setting the deadline. I do not think anybody here would feel comfortable with judging anybody else - so no "winners" or "honorable mentions" - just self-imposed assignment and healthy constructive critique. On the set day, we could just post on our own social media and/or on the SVS Facebook page and issue the next prompt.
    Another option could be to open a topic to suggest illustration prompts. We could take a poll (easy to do on Facebook) to rank them and then use the first 10 one after the other....
    I know everyone is busy with stuff, so we could keep things simple.

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    @smceccarelli I was thinking just to do a piece that related to a previous piece in some way - either chronological or some other strong association - i started working on a portrait bust of the mermaid from my latest piece - partially because that sounds super difficult to me - to continue the likeness and possibly add to the story - she will be cradling one of the barracuda like fish in a "mother with child" pose - that is my plan so far - how does that sound to folks - "continuation of a previous piece" with 3rd Thursday being the deadline as usual - no critique just forum based feedback - and with the generous offer of @Chip-Valecek to make the gallery again for us - this sounds good to me ... any thoughts?

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    Hmm, lots of thoughts. Well, if @Kevin-Longueil doesn't feel comfortable with setting prompts long-term, then we shouldn't make him. But I think he'd be naturally excellent at being supportive and giving feedback as he always is anyway, 'moral leadership' if you like 🙂

    So, thinking about what everyone has said, how about something like this:

    This month we do a consecutive piece as per @Kevin-Longueil's suggestion, with a 3rd-Thursday style deadline of 20th October. After that, each month I could come up with two or three 3rd-Thursday style prompts, and I could post them here on the forum for everyone to vote on. The prompt with the most votes would be the one taken forward, and we'll set a new monthly deadline just like 3rd Thursday. And if anyone else wants to contribute prompt ideas, that would be fine too.

    Then each month we can post the entries either on a special thread, or via @Chip-Valecek 's submission form (or both). @Charlie-Eve-Ryan would be welcome to provide feedback, and @Kevin-Longueil can remind everyone about the upcoming deadline 🙂

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    @Dulcie Sounds perfect to me Dulcie 🙂

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