How much for a webpage?

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    I have a pretty poor website at this time. If I were to have someone help me design one how much would it run? Just curious. Thanks.

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    That really depends on who you are hosting through, your website needs/wants, and what the designer charges. Your best bet is to talk to some web designers and grab some quotes.

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    I personal start my pricing at $1500. This usually includes two design comps and then edits to one before I start to code. Based on the platform the client wants and how much content I have to migrate the rate will vary. Another factor is functionality, custom shopping carts and so on. I have done sites as low as $700 and as high as $8000.

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    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Squarespace was very easy to set up....very - i got the business one which was slightly more expensive - you get a domain and with some you get a professional email - i am - seems like a cool idea - i had bought my domain name through godaddy and it was easy to verify and link to my Squarespace account - you choose your template which you can always change - you upload your images and you're good to go - i like that it has some dynamic sizing and adjusts to whatever device you are looking at the site with - they automatically make 7 different sized images of your image to you in whatever way is best for viewing - i think if i can do it anyone can do it - also there are great instructions and many videos on how to do whatever you need to do... only trouble i had was the i tried to link to my new email i had not opened an email they had sent me to verify something ...once i did that all was pretty easy - here are the prices


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    I use Wordpress (I do not like depending from portals for my website, but this is purely me). I used a Wordpress template (50 USD) and had a web developer make some changes to the code (300 USD) - although it would have worked perfectly well and nice even without those changes - and there are literally thousands of templates to choose from.
    Hosting with a pro plan is about 70 USD/year (I use HostExcellence) plus some money for the domain (I do not remember how much, but it is not a lot).
    I like Wordpress - I like its ease-of--use, the many plug-ins you can add and the fact that the code is open, so you can always hire someone to make tweaks if you need to.

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    I pay my monthly price for my Adobe Creative Cloud package. The hosting and website are included in that price. I pay around $35.00 a month I think. It looks like you can go as low as $9.99 a month and you get Adobe Portfolio and Photoshop and lightroom. I only had to purchase my domain name. Adobe portfolio uses your Behance projects to build the site and there are a few different themes you can use and you can customize all the elements to which ever theme you choose. Adobe Portfolio

  • I also use WordPress. I paid 50 or 60$ for the portfolio-theme, and an annual fee for webhosting. I like the fact that WordPress is really versatile, and has an almost endless amount of possibilities 🙂

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Hey Marsha! From my experience the range can be very large. You can outsource the work with freelance websites like uUpwork for very cheap (as low as $3-4/hour!) but usually you sacrifice english literacy (so communication can be difficult) and they usually only do exactly what you tell them -- so you have to be VERY specific and even then probably expect some confusion! haha

    I personally charge $25/hour and usually can get a full Wordpress site up in 3-5 hours depending on the complexity. This will be a clean, easily updatable site (you can update it yourself).

    The other costs to consider are hosting (usually about $40/year -- $10 for first year tho) and domain name (about $10/year).

    You can also put sites up with services like Square Space pretty easily yourself. In addition, maybe all you really need is a Tumblr, ArtStation, or DeviantArt page which are free.

    Let me know if you have any more questions. You can email me at

    Hope that helps a bit! 🙂

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    Wow! Thanks to all for your comments! I actually have a wordpress site and I think that mainly I just don't think it looks very professional but, then again, I'm not really trying to be THAT professional I guess. I was thinking that someone who is more of a computer whiz and designer might be able to make it look better. I guess I will leave it fo now and work with what I have. Thanks so much for all your responses!

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Hey, you should be able to get a more "professional" look by finding the right theme and changing it. It should preserve all your current content too. Do you know how to change your wordpress theme? You can just youtube "How to change your wordpress site theme" and you should find plenty of vids showing you if you don't.

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    @Shams-Nelson Oh! I'll check that out. I was thinking about changing the theme but was worried about what would happen to everything. It's nice to knwo that it will save the content. I'll check that out. Thank you!

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Yup, and you should be able to preview the theme before committing to changing it I think...

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    @Shams-Nelson Thank you again. Very helpful info 🙂

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