I finally made a website!

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    For a long time now I've felt like I've been really behind in not having any kind of website for my personal art....but not any more, woohoo! So here we go, it's www.dulciemascord.com ...I took Giuseppe Castellano's advice after he tweeted recently that if you need to organise various styles, do it by medium. Maybe I'll change it in the future if I develop a more settled 'style' but at least I have something up and running (any critique still welcome, of course...)..next I need to make more & better pieces for it...

    This is the piece I made for the logo on the homepage (of course, it had to be a dragon...)


  • It looks great Dulcie!

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    The logo looks fantastic and I like the overall set up of the site. I think some of my favorite stuff you did are those ink drawings of the car and tractor. Love the way those inks bleed into each other. The site was acting a little strange when I was scrolling it was blinking in and out. Mine does that too sometimes so it may just be something with windows. Nice work.

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    @Nanette Thank you! Glad you like it 🙂

    @evilrobot Thank you - both for the kind words and the feedback on the site - my husband says he hasn't tested it on windows yet, so hopefully at some point he'll do that and fix it. Glad you like the inked ones - I really enjoyed doing those but surprisingly I don't have that many for the portfolio...looking forward to inktober where hopefully I'll make a few more.

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    It's beautiful! Did you do it all by yourself? Mine looks very boring and I don't really want people to go there 🙂

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    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Thank you! No I didn't - my husband has the website-making skills, not me... I made an InDesign file with the layout and fonts that I wanted, then he translated that into a website.

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    @Dulcie This looks great! - i am working on a website at the moment too - hopefully be up in the next week or two (who would have guessed kevinlongueil.com was not yet taken 🙂 anyways i had a thought about your site - for me i think that all of your work looks like your work - all of it holds together as a body of work - i think the separations between the methods are not needed - i think your best piece should be at the top of the page (for me it is the Edgar Allen Poe piece but i think i am very biased in favor of black and white) and then just arrange the pieces however you think is best - here is Bobby Chiu's idea of the best order https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qn5zcCseRcg ) Maybe if the digital and hybrid looked very different from the traditional it would be good to separate them - but i think it all looks very cohesive and it might be better without the subgroups... anyways i hope you don't mind the feedback - i have zero experience of course and your site really does look great because it is full of your work !

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    Looks great! That is something to be proud of.

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    The site looks great and consistent, and the logo is awesome! I agree with @Kevin-Longueil that you do not really need to separate the categories and it does not seem to be a natural separation. Your work is cohesive in style and subject matter, so you do not need to introduce separations that are not there (at school they kept repeating that customers and audiences do not care at all about how the work is produced - unless you are a fine artist). One thing that made me wonder is that your bio mentions a lot of work for the arts and craft market, but none of it is in your portfolio. If I was an art director (wait a minute...I am one, though in a different field ;-)) I would want to see that or I would wonder why you have not included it. Maybe you can create a category for that? Or else consider playing down that part of your bio and just include the link to your art business section....Just some thoughts.

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    Looking good! This is such an important step in your career, congrats!

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    @Chip-Valecek @natiwata Thank you! 🙂

    @Kevin-Longueil and @smceccarelli Thank you both for your detailed thoughts and feedback on the site...interesting that you both thought the separations aren't really necessary - that's so useful to know, as I don't have the outside perspective to be able to decide easily, whether it all looks like one body of work or not. So I'll re-think that part of it and I'll most likely change it once I have new artwork... I'd like to be able to show the best/newest work at the top anyway, so re-thinking that would make that easier.

    @smceccarelli Thanks also for the comment about my bio and whether I should include my craft designs...I have wrestled with this dilemma a lot, ever since @Lee-White made various posts here recommending to keep different sub-groups of work types on separate websites...I can see where he is coming from, but also I would like an art director to know that I already know how to create successful products (albeit in a different area) as I feel many skills would transfer to books...and I agree with your point that an art director would be curious to see this side of things.

    So...my solution is to have a third art licensing website, which will have a shopping cart function where an art buyer can license the patterns directly ...and that way the many many patterns and cute pictures won't overload this more curated, children's book one...but I will link between the two, once it's made (it's designed but not made yet, it's more complicated). But maybe I could add a smaller section on this website too, just to give a flavour. Thanks again for your feedback, lots to think about, and I will definitely try to improve it 🙂

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