Any advice on drawing hair?

  • Hey all, I struggle with drawing hair - boys hair especially. Any tips on how to do it better, or can you point me toward a resource?

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  • @Rebecca-Hirsch Ty Carter class on SVS covers hair - it is called Design and Color Hair 🙂

  • It really depends on your style - do you have problems with drawing or with painting hair? If it is about the drawing, the best bet is to look at artists you admire and do a few pages of "copies" of their work. I love Disney golden age designs, for example, and I do lots of copies of work from "the nine old men".
    That normally helps to understand how you can stylize and abstract hair shapes into successful designs that fit your style.
    If it is about painting - it really depends on your medium and your style. Hair and fur are very much "process-based", that is you develop a process based on your medium that you can adapt to changing needs - ultimately it is about experimenting!
    Some notes that helped me as I was working on this problem: think of the hair-mass as a solid shape, not as individual strands and, freely quoting from a teacher: "if you paint hair like it was smoke, it will look more like hair than hair itself!"

  • I also struggle with painting hair as I am with this months prompt. Four characters with four hair styles, if i didn't have a shaved head I would be pulling my own hair out. But I have watched many tutorials online and as @smceccarelli said, think in hair-mass vs single strands. Once you get the mass and value down you can add the wisps of hair.

  • @smceccarelli Painting I think I can do, it's the drawing and getting it to look right with the face. Thanks for the advice!

  • Thanks all. I think you're all right, I just need to work on getting the balance of the mass right first. Practice, practice, practice...

  • Both Ty's class and Mel's were helpful. Some progress already.
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  • Try looking at they have a hair drawing video you might find useful.