"logo" can I/should I use it without registering it?

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    I made a "logo" for my self published book. I call it Blue House Independent Publishing. My isbn is registered in my name and so I am actually published in my name (not under Blue House Independent Publishing). I just thought it looked more authentic with the logo. My facebook page is Marsha's Blue House Books. Is that going to be a problem legally or otherwise? There are other people out there using the Blue House part of the name but of course, their logo is different than mine. Just want to be sure I am not doing something wrong.

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Personally I would not do that just to be on the safe side of the law and avoid plagiarism. Perhaps you should ask a lawyer who knows about copyright issues about this.

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    @Christine-Garner Thanks. I looked up all the registered businesses while I was trying to figure out my license, etc. and there were about 4 that were called just Blue House-none to do with publishing. I might go to the local SBA and just sit down with them to fill things out. There is no title for book publishing so you have to go with General Business. I'll be glad when all of this is settled 🙂 On the good side, my books are done and being delivered today 🙂

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    There are a few issues here to be aware of. See this link for more information:


    The basics are,

    1. Is the other company with the same/similar name in the same business?

    2. Which business had the name first?

    Doing a basic google search brings up a few problems for you. Here are pre-existing companies in the same/similar market:

    Blue House Graphic Design: http://bluehouse.us/

    Blue House Publishing: http://www.bluehpublishing.com/

    Big Blue House publishing: http://www.bigbluehousepc.com/

    Blue House Digital publishing: http://www.bhd-publishing.com/

    So, based on that, I would probably avoid the name if I was you. Maybe try something more specific like Blue Shutters Independent publishing, etc. I'm not sure you are totally in danger, but it's definitely in that murky gray area that I would avoid if possible.

    Good luck!

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