Busness of Illustration Part 2 is LIVE!

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    Hey everyone, part 2 is up and ready to go!

    Let me know what you think. This one is pretty detailed and will require some work on your part. I tried to make it in depth and walk you through a bunch of stuff step by step. After this video, I think you will have a whole new perspective on your business.


    Enjoy! : )


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    P.S. This one has a detailed spreadsheet that comes with the class which I go over in the video. The spreadsheet is what the content is based on. I built the spreadsheet in Numbers which is the Mac version of Excel. I also included an Excel version and a pdf if you don't have the other two programs.

    I have a favor if anyone wants to help out. The format of the document in the video is how I want the spread sheet to look. When it was brought into Excel it reformatted it in a different way (using tabs at the top of the page instead of being one big document on a single page). It still works fine, but if anyone knows how to reformat it so it matches the numbers version (like the in the video) I would appreciate it greatly. I don't use Excel that much so I was limited a bit there.

    Thanks in advance! : )

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    Thank you so much for these. So much useful information. I watched it all the way through first. Now I'm watching it again and putting your advice into practice.

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    So glad you are liking it! : )

    Let me know if you have any questions along the way.

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    @Lee-White I started watching the class today. My only problem was i didn't have excel and don't know how to use it or import the files to it even if I did. I tried to print out the PDF but it came out like thumbnails on the paper. In the end I just grabbed a pen and paper and started writing the questions, etc. from the business plan worksheet. Don't know quite what to do. When I get to the numbers, it would be nice to have it in some form of worksheet that I could fill in. Otherwise it was very informative!

    I'm kind of anxious to learn as my book is at the printer and there are several people who are waiting to buy it but I don't even have a shopping cart set up! My nephew will do it for me, thank goodness. He contacted me today. I'm a self-publishing book maker not really looking for outside work. Lots of learning for me yet! Thanks so much for this class which is a real help to me at this time! It's sink or swim!

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    Thanks for the reply Marsha. I was intending the pdf to be filled in digitally so you could zoom in on it (for that you need acrobat pro which should come with your adobe creative suite). Or, you can copy/paste the topics in a word doc. etc. What ever works for you. Printing it doesn't work that well due to the fact that everything would be too small.

    I'm not sure how to address it other than saying that if you are going to be in business, Excel or Numbers is a wise choice for a software investment. An excel subscription is $69 per year (using the 365 office Personal plan). Here's a link:


    Apple's Numbers program (which I prefer to excel) is only $20 and can be found here (mac only I think):


    I absolutely hate spending money on software, but to be in business it does cost a little upfront to get the tools you need (like I mention in the video). Also, if you are having trouble finding your way around the computer, look into a local community college class. It's essential to at least get to a certain competence using the computer and installing programs, etc.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance in any way. : )

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    Really great job on this @Lee-White especially like the tips on building a client list and which program to use to track expenses and make tax time easier. Lots of great links and documents to explore and nice touch on the cat pics!!

    Everyone should check it out! I will need to watch it more then once to take it all in and apply it to my own set up. Looking forward to the next phase!

    My neck and shoulders locked up two weeks ago because I made the mistake of painting for WAY too long in one sitting, I could not look in any direction for almost a week and had to do multiple adjustments, heat, ice etc etc to stop it from being so angry!! By week two I still could not sleep through the night without it locking up and this week it finally feels much better. Working out again and feeling much better now!! But, man that was NOT fun and definitely something creatives need to think about. I am fixing my studio and desk height etc to be more user friendly too.

    This is again why breaking down work into smaller chunks of time is sooo important and keeping variety in the day because it keeps you moving more! Life at 40 means you can get major WHIPLASH from drawing and painting too much, it is ridiculous lol!!!

    Hard, painful lesson LEARNED!!

  • I'm going to start watching this course tonight while I do some comic page flatting (can't say what for but it's nice to have some work 🙂 )
    @Charlie-Eve-Ryan I've had that whiplash thing before as well- its horrible! I'm not even 40 yet- used to get it in my 20's. Too much coding and digital painting is torture.Touch wood after using a saddle stool, stretching and being more active I haven't had a problem the last few years.
    @Lee-White people can also use Open Source and free software for the documents. I use LibreOffice.

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    Misery loves company as they say - and it looks like several of us are sharing in it right now.

    @Charlie-Eve-Ryan it is so funny you should bring up the neck/shoulders issue.

    I have been grinding away for long hours over many weeks now finishing up the two books I have been working on. A few weeks ago started noticing some neck soreness which has slowly started to have times where it sends out some numb/tingle feelings near my shoulder. I am betting its a pinched nerve or something in my case. But it definitely has been impacting my work this past week and is a perfect reminder of how we need time away from the easel or computer screen.

    I have made sure to go exercise and definitley feel like it is loosening up some after I do my swim training. (Which I had not been doing because I felt so overloaded and behind on work). Lesson learned - that darn exercise is important!

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