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  • I'm working on this piece for digital illustration class (which my professor gave me free reign what I was allowed to do). I've lately been inspired by Alphonse Mucha and had to try that style out.
    If anyone has thought about it, I'd love to know.

    0_1461245183327_Screenshot 2016-04-21 08.26.00.png

  • This looks very nice 🙂 Have you sketched on paper and scanned it in, or is it pure digital? 🙂 Where do you see this going with colours? 🙂

  • @Camomilla
    I planned it digitally and transferred the composition onto bristol via light table.

    So right now it's pencil.

    I'm going to make a color scheme hopefully based on Mucha's work which is most often warm tones.

    0_1461246914897_Screenshot 2016-04-21 08.54.58.png

    ![0_1461246868563_Screenshot 2016-04-21 08.53.49.png](Uploading 100%)

  • Oooooh, art noveau, love it!

  • Here's how it's looking right now. I'm using digital brushes to go over some traditional inks I made earlier. Any thoughts on color? Anything I can do to make it better?
    0_1461793528700_Screenshot 2016-04-27 16.44.24.png

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    Very nice! your drawing skills are solid and I like the color.

    One note overall though, and this is a minor point that maybe no one else has a problem with. The turn of the head seems a bit unnatural to me. He's in full profile with the face, but the body is almost straight on. This is an extremely difficult pose to get into if you try it. You have to crane your neck more than is comfortable to do it. Mucha was amazing with his graceful and fluid poses and that's the only thing that I would work on moving forward.

    Very solid work. I can't wait to see more! : )

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    Love your pencil lines!

  • @Lee-White
    Thanks for the input! I'm glad you like the color! It usually isn't my strong suit.
    I worked off a reference photo, but thinking of mucha's style, he probably would have tried for something that looked more natural anyways. I hope this isn't the last time i reference his work, and I'll keep his natural figures in mind next time.

    I'll have the piece finished in less than a week. Stay tuned!

  • This is really nice, one small point, I think your hills to the sides of your guy are too dark and to equal in size/shape. Maybe your flowers could use a little more saturation/deeper purple... I am not bothered by his head, someone is calling him over there...

  • So after a little bit more rendering and some tweaks, I have finished the illustration.
    Obviously there are things that can be improved, but I'm at the point where it'd be better to apply my learnings to the next project rather than dwell on this one any longer.
    If you have any more critique, I'd still love to hear!

    I'll be sure to continue posting my WIPs here. You feedback has been helpful and encouraging!

    alt text

  • Beautiful x

  • Happy 4th everyone!
    If I didn't have finals right about now, I'd want to make more of these.
    Tell me what you think!

    alt text

  • I just finished Gravity Falls! What an amazing show! I'd love to be part of a story that good.
    This piece will be my tribute.
    alt text

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