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    I have just realized there is an introduction topic....I just started posting straight away without introducing myself, how rude! So here, I am.
    I live in Switzerland and I have just finished (well in 4 weeks) an MFA in Visual Development for Animation, Film and Games. I studied online on the fabulous cyber campus of the Academy or Art University in SF. It has been a very long haul (more than 4 years!) but it has been great. Now seeing that my formal art education is reaching its end, I am looking for venues where I can keep it up and continue to learn.
    I came across SVS learn through the videos of Will Terry and Jake Parker, and I registered a couple of weeks ago - very much impressed by the quality and offer! And also this great forum! I have never been on a forum before, but the collaboration and generous advice that shine through here are really impressive.
    Given that animation is not that big where I live, I have been drawn to children´s book, board games and the publishing market in general as an alternative market where my style my fit.
    I have a day job as Art Director - but not the cool Children´s book kind! I work for a big big company, and direct the creation of all their communications material. The positive thing is that I absorbed a lot of design and video production knowledge as a byproduct.
    I have now asked to reduce my work contract to part time and I am looking forward to really starting a career by doing art rather than managing other artists...
    Thanks for the opportunity of being part of a community - this is really super important for learning and growth and I am already grateful for all the advice to come!

    My website: www.smceccarelli.com

  • Lovely to learn a bit about you! Thanks for sharing! How exciting too - wishing you the best X Jacs

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    Welcome aboard!

  • @smceccarelli Welcome! Really nice portfolio! But since you are working as an art director thats not that surprising 🙂 Its really great to have an art director among us, maybe some of your knowledge will transfer to us too, you know.. 🙂

  • Hello and welcome, you have great and varied work on your website (love the fairies especially 🙂 ).

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    Welcome, you are going to love it here!

  • Welcome to the forum.

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