My picture book project

  • I wrote a children's picture book called Space Kid and Puppy: The Big Race

    I wanted to have something to work on while I was at my day job. I have spans of time where I have nothing to do and now that I have my Ipad Pro I can make use of that time. So, this is what I'm planning on working on while I'm at these are the character sketches I like the best for my two main characters. I'm also trying to keep my art looser and concentrate on the story telling aspect a lot more. 1_1460583806086_Space Kid character sketch.jpg 0_1460583806084_Puppy character sketch.jpg

  • Very cool! I love the style and colors, the dog is just awesome 😃

  • Fun design! I like the robot dog's construction. You might consider a complimentary color for the dog rather than matching him to the kid. I'm just thinking in scenes where they overlap at all they'll blend together.

  • I agree with the others, and I would like to see his logo on the dog somewhere...

  • That dog is really great, especially from the 3/4 view. And Nat's point about making them complimentary colors is really good. And your boy looks so much fun and carefree!

  • Thank you very much for the feedback. I see your point about the colors...they are sort of part of the story. The boy and the dog are entering a big space race. They fix up his grandpa's old spaceship and the colors are sort of their team colors. But I can do something maybe make the dog's dominate color the yellow instead of the purple but still have the same color scheme. Also good idea to have the little logo on the dog as well. Thanks again for the feedback. Here are the designs for their spaceship. It's suppose to be like an old space Winnebago that they fix up with Space Grandpa to enter the race. ![alt text](0_1460656530193_spaceship design.jpg image url)

  • Some really nice work here Evilrobot. I really like your texture. well done.

  • Thank you very much. This is Space Grandpa. The last of the main characters. Think I'm ready to start the page thumbnails now. 0_1460670578253_Grandpa.jpg

  • Your designs are awesome 🙂 look forward to seeing how this develops.

  • I like it!

  • So um, I think I just figured something out....writing is hard....I was getting ready to do my thumbnails and I started reading my story to break it down into pages, only to find that it's utter garbage..... I know everything I want to happen from start to finish...but for the life of me I can't put it down on the page in away that sounds can 500 words be so hard to write?

  • @evilrobot I am working on a book project as well. Actually it is a story my son wrote in school. I broke it down by pages and sent it to a friend who is an advanced placement english teacher and asked for him to proof/edit it. He came back with some great suggestions that i was able to work out with my son. With that being said if you know someone that you can hit up with help, use their resources.