Lucy at Night - Too dark?

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    Hello all - i am trying to make this look like a night scene - late at night - tire eating robots come to town - again - Lucy takes care of business - again 🙂 ... any critique or suggestion on the lighting would be greatly appreciated - i am feeling like it is not working too well at the momentLUCY dark.jpeg

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    Ooooh cool! you could really ramp up the light from the tool box and have some fun with it! I just love her face

  • The darkness is not the issue, issue is that the main character has the same value as the background.

  • I think @Jiří-Kůs is right, couldn't she be lit more from the magic toolbox-drawer? 🙂 I love her expression and your robots 🙂

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    @Lynn-Larson @Jiří-Kůs @Camomilla Thank you all for the feedback - you are unanimous in what is going wrong here - i will increase the light from the tool box to help increase the contrast ....i was hoping for a subtly lit Lucy but i am not pulling that off very well -i think i have too high of contrast areas in the backgrounds for this to work? - it has become more about the mouths of the robots the way it is now - i am not following a fundamental rule of highest contrast at focal point... so obvious now that the three of you point it out 🙂 Really appreciate the objective feedback - helps me a lot! - thanks again 🙂

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    I agree with the others about the value. One way to check value is go under your filter gallery in photoshop and select "cutout". I set it to 5 values which should yield a really clear value breakdown of the scene. You can see how yours looks here. So based on that info, I did a quick paint over and added a color idea. Get those values really working before bringing up your detail.

    Can't wait to see the finish!

    1460065729499-lucy-dark.jpg 1460065729499-lucy-dark1.jpg

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    @Lee-White Thank you Lee - the "cutout" filter trick is awesome! - so useful - i will be using that now all the time - there is so often a gem like this in your posts ... really appreciate the time you take to help us here in the forum...on a Saturday even - it is very helpful to see how you handled the light on Lucy - i originally had a stronger light coming from the toolbox but the way i had it lit the breasts were lit strongly from below and cast shadows up - it really became an unwanted focal point - so i dimmed it quite a bit - having the whole area washed out the way you did it looks great! - thanks again!

  • I love this! It's been great watching the progress!

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    @jacs Thank you jacqueline! Appreciate the positive feedback 🙂

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    This is really a great piece of work, beautiful design and storytelling. With the tweaks in the value scheme it will become awesome! You could think about bringing more dynamic in Lucy´s pose, which I believe feels a little static. Maybe she could be holding up the tool and looking at it with her great malicious grin, or maybe twist her torso to look over the shoulder at the robots? One way or other, this is going to be great!

  • I like the way you've chosen to depict this piece at night. It definitely clarifies the furnace mouths of the tire eating robots. So far I don't think it is too dark. You may want to brighten up the toolbox a bit but other than that I'm really digging where this piece is going.

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    @smceccarelli Thank you for the feedback Simona - after reading your post I finally I tried showing the tool - I tried many tool variations - came up with the Tuning fork of Doom (in another post) - has some pros and cons - my 5 year old daughter Lucie likes it better with the tool in Lucy's hand - not sure about it though but you did inspire me finally get over my mysterious tool concept and at least try - thank you!
    @laurencrest - Thank you Lauren! Really nice to get positive feedback 🙂

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