My Cover Illustrations And Advice

  • Hi Everyone! This is my first post and I'm looking forward to seeing all of your work and wanted to show off some of my own.

    I also wanted to ask you all for help/advice. I am wanting to start pursuing more work in cover illustration but I am a bit turned around on how to go about that. Would I just follow the normal process of sending postcards to Art Editors? Should I submit to art agent reps? I've not found much that's been helpful in being this specific. Any ideas you all have would be great! Thank you.

    -Michael Regina

  • not showing up for some reason.

    Welcome though!

  • It submitted when I thought I was uploading something 😕 Fixed it!

  • Thanks for sharing, fun stuff! I have no idea how you would approach getting more cover work, but your pieces seem pretty cover specific already, so maybe just promoting. Welcome!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    Welcome! I really like your first piece with cthulhu. Anything with tentacles is a win for me.

  • @thirdeyeh said:

    It submitted when I thought I was uploading something 😕 Fixed it!

    See them now.

    Man I see so much potential here (not meaning it in a pretentious way--I just mean for a "non-pro" you've got so many great things going on and a good grasp of light & color that can take a long time to develop). Great stuff!

    Who are your art heroes if I may ask?

    (Also: I enjoyed your Fear/Confidence video--great insights on the Apostle Paul!)

  • I recommended the Artist's Market book for someone recently. In your case you would single out publishers who do science-fiction, fantasy, pretty much look at the covers of authors you like. See if you can find information on those publishers. Another thing to do is see if the cover artist's name is listed, and write to them, and ask them how they got their start in the business. Most artists I find will gladly tell you their " origin story ", and you'll start to see a pattern building. It's not all just luck.

    Anyway, good hunting, love the Cthulhu piece!

  • @Bobby-Aquitania I never thought to do that! Wow! Great idea!

  • @mattramsey Thanks, Matt! 🙂 I really appreciate the kind words and you checking out my video.

    I'm a huge fan of Kazu Kibuishi, Bobby Chui, Brandon Dorman and of course Will and Jake! I've been working hard at finding a blended of line work and painting style. I feel like I'm getting there!

  • @Bobby-Aquitania That's very helpful! Thank you!

  • Great pictures!! Specially you Cthullu one!! 🙂 Your gesture drawing and storytelling are great!

  • SVS OG

    These are really nice. My favorite and the most well done I think is your Mermaids vs it.

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