February 3rd Thursday WIP

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    Trying something a little different this month, finally got around to getting started on it! I've been checking in on the forums the last couple weeks but unable to post much, so it's good to get something up.

    My wife bought me an ipad pro and pencil for Valentines day, so I thought I'd try this month's entry using my new tools. Ideas welcome, definitely a WIP at this point, but I like the idea a lot.


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    I really love the characters and the line and the lighting! Keep going, it's looking great. Awesome concept too!

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    @natiwata This is great! Love the storytelling in this piece.

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    Great great story!! Cant wait to see it finished!

  • Is that President Obama when he was still a community organizer in Chicago? It looks a lot like him! Great expressions and sandwiches btw!

  • what app are you using

  • Did you do all of this in the past 3 days. I really like the piece and your speed astounds me.

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    @natiwata Really nice Nat! - what a great take on the prompt - I know it is a WIP but did you want feedback? If so - The only thing I see is the scale of the feet - i know they are foreshortened but both sets of feet look a tiny bit small to me - on the right hand figure too I think there possibly should be more thickness in the metatarsal area - really great story! - looking forward to seeing it finished

  • What a great idea! Such a nice way to visualize the concept of love.

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    Love love this idea, looking very good, look forward to updates

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    Thanks everyone for the comments! This piece came from an experience I had in college one summer. I made friends with a couple of guys that held signs on the corner by my work, after stopping to get them a meal one day, named Jimmy and John. They were really awesome people and I would regularly stop on my way home and sit on the curb in my shirt and tie, and have a coke or a sandwich with them.

    A day I'll never forget came when I had to go back to college and knew they were going to be moving on. Someone had mistakenly given them a bag full of backpacks instead of clothes earlier that day, so John gave me new backpack, which I still use to this day 14 years later. The thing that stuck with me the most was how happy these guys were to be able to give me something as a gift.

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    @sam-marrero I'm using Procreate. I downloaded Photoshop Sketch and Paper, and a couple of others, but none had the features or ease of use of Procreate, so I decided to give it a try. So far it's been really awesome!

    @Imrush I did this over a couple days, but the idea has been bouncing around for weeks, so there was a lot of incubation time.

    @gimmehummus lol, it's not Obama, but I could see that I guess 🙂

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    Okay, so the story makes the picture even better!

  • This is really great--I love the design and rendering of the homeless character! The overall idea is pretty brilliant!

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