Anyone knows an informative and quick guide to Twitter howto for illustrators?

  • I had an account on Twitter for a while. I never know what to do with it. I was told by many people in the Kidlit world to give a twitter a try. So I plan to be a bit more active on Twitter. I want to:

    1. Stay in touch with Editors/ADs (basically show that I am actively working all the time)
    2. Not spent too much time on the platform.
    3. Appear polite and professional.

    I am not very interested in pitching stories online or anything like that, just focus on being present, being in the Editors and ADs radar (I discovered writers, Editors are a lot more active on Twitter than Instagram)

    Every social media has its own rules, so appears polite and professional requires me to know what are the twitter etiquette. Today I found myself googling "do you say thank you when people retweet your tweet". This is the point that made me think of posting this question here. Does anyone know an informative guide for how to use Twitter, specifically for illustrators?

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    I was Googling the exact same thing yesterday! Twitter seems to be important if you want to be in touch with the publishing industry, and it's important for writers. But it also seems like a bit of a landmine, and the formatting is different from Instagram. If I find anything good, I'll let you know!

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    Hi @xin-li Twitter is a wonderfully strange place haha. By thanking someone for retweeting or liking your work, typically I do the same in return, or if I like their timeline, I would follow them with also the hopes of them following me back. It is a great space for artists and writers in my opinion.

  • I love Twitter, I think it's my favourite platform. I've met a lot of my art heroes there, and gotten the word out about my art.
    I think posting your process helps, and always be kind.
    Comment on stuff you like, dont follow too many ppl or else youl never see the stuff you really want to.

  • @LauraA we are in the same boat. hehe.
    @artbytra @kylebeaudette thank you so much for the tips.

    I will try a bit more with Twitter this summer :-). But really try to be strict with myself on how much time I'd spent on it. I did not install the app on my phone. I deleted IG app from my phone a couple of days ago, but I re-installed it, because I could not figure out how to post multiple images in a post from my desktop. hehe...

  • You can now schedule tweets which is useful if you don't want to spend lots of time on there - get a bunch ready all at once and then you don't need to keep going back.

    As for thanking people who retweet you - I only know a couple of accounts that do this by actually tweeting out or reply tweeting a thank you and it's lovely but really annoying! My timeline is filled with their thank you tweets rather than interesting content and I quickly muted these people or unfollowed. I think a better way to thank someone is to look at their tweets and like, retweet or comment on one of those (a lot of people will be posting their own art).

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    @xin-li I didn't even know you could post on IG from your desktop! 😂

  • @LauraA I am on Mac system. I turn on the Develop menu on Safari, and switch the User agent to IOS. So my desktop browser displays the mobile user interface, which includes the "+" button. hehe...

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    @xin-li Whoa! That is one cool hack! 👏

  • @xin-li Nice! I tried to find workarounds for Windows, but wasn't successful. Otherwise I would delete IG from my phone as well! If anyone knows of one that works for windows please let me know!

  • @emily-atwood-art I have used the Vivaldi browser from a Windows computer to upload to Instagram. I found a tutorial on how to do it a while back. Here is a link to a tutorial, not the one I used, but maybe it can help you out.

  • @Kim-Rosenlof thanks, i'll try that out!!

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