Enrollment is now OPEN for our brand new Children's Book Pro course!

  • I was sooo excited for this course but unfortunately it’s not in my budget at the moment, maybe next time it comes around. In the meantime there’s still a ton of content I haven’t even tapped into here at svs.

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    @Asyas_illos You are absolutely right! There is a ton of content here on SVS, with new stuff coming!

    Lee has mentioned it on the boards here and on the podcast before (so I'm not spoiling anything) but I just wrapped the Advanced Perspective course which actively builds on the How to Draw Everything and Basic Perspective.

    The Children's Book Pro curriculum is phenomenal content! And the best bit about how SVS has structured this, is that it will be available when YOU need it and are ready.

  • Hello! Could you please tell a little more about the content? Is it a short version of the SVS curriculum?
    Or is it a course about the making of a book itself, from storyboard to fully illustrated children's book without entering into drawing skills? Does it include tips about the writing, the typo, the book cover, the marketing, the selling?

    All these questions because the topic is sooo large and I want to make sure this is not redundant with what I know already, or that it is beyond my reach.

    Ps : I have watched the promotional video.

    Thank you very much in advance!


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    Will this course be available for SVS members after the class is over, or can we only access it if we enroll now?

    Also, I listened/watched the preview videos explaining what this course is about, but I'm still unclear on one thing. How is this course content different from the previous published videos already provided to SVS members, aside from the Zoom sessions with instructors. Is it more that this course is structured better, so that all the various teachings are distilled and more easily accessed in one place? In other words, this course is a more curated and enhanced compilation of SVS's teachings?

  • Just saw that the plan is fully detailed at the bottom of the page www.chikdrensbookpro.com under Jake's portrait!

    All my questions are answered 🙂 I am in!
    I have followed a class at the university of Newcastle (Australia) on the very same topic some years ago but this course seems way more comprehensive. I am very excited! Hopefully I ll be able to participate to the zoom sessions.
    I am a bit sorry for not having seen the early bird fee but well! Thats life! Busy schedule...

  • will this course ever be open again? becuase its most definitely something id like to take....when my skills have improved a little-i belive at the stage im up to at the moment, it will be a waste, id rather right now stick with regular SVS classes, and hopefully soon take childrens book pro....but... is it now or never? or will i get another chance?

  • @Johanna-Kim I'd like to 'second' Johanna's questions. I'm wondering the same things.

    So how does it differ from the SVS course content? is it really worth happy SVS members to pay extra for this (I've just paid my next years subscription), even though we're aspiring to become a pro children's book illustrator, or it the CBP course aimed more at non-SVS members?

    The tagline for the CBP course is "the most comprehensive course on illustrating children's books ever made", so is it more comprehensive than the SVSLearn content?

    Thanks very much.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I’m working my way through the old content of this on svs, my question for the new classes since they are also using traditional stories- Is the word count on books for these new classes more in line with current trends? Illustrating a 2000 word picture book doesn’t feel at all the same as a 600 one to me.

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    @Adam-Thornton-0 @Johanna-Kim This class is WAY different than what is in the SVS course load. This is a structured 10 week course and the subject matter extremely detailed to getting a full portfolio from this class alone. In addition, this class will have a guided version with instruction available later. All the content in the class is custom for this class, not pulled together from random bits of SVS. In addition, we have a stand alone community just for children's books and this class alone.

    It's more of a true pro level stand alone course. SVS is meant as a system of smaller videos to get to a competent level in foundation.

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    @HeatherBouteneff our manuscripts are 700 words or less

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    @Lee-White Thanks for your response, Lee. I understand better now, and truly appreciate the enormous value this comprehensive class offers. But to reiterate one of my questions, will this class be available for purchase or free viewing as an SVS member after the class is over, without the weekly Zoom sessions, of course?

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    @Johanna-Kim no, this is totally separate from the svs membership. It will come up for sale again at some point in the future.

    The zoom sessions are basically just Q&A each week to help people understand the assignments. It's not crits of individual works

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    @Lee-White Thanks so much for the clarifications! I hadn't realized about the Q&A sessions.

  • Hi guys, Is there an anticipated time that the Zoom session will occur? Will it be 1 option a week, or will there be 2 or 3 times to attend to cater for different time zones throughout the world? I'm based in Melbourne Australia. I would like to attend these live and want to see if it fits into my schedule.

  • Answering my own question regarding Zoom times, from the live stream Q&A earlier today, Jake mentioned that there will be 2 sessions on a Thursday at 10am and 6pm PST.
    For those who missed it, you can watch it here: https://youtu.be/cVfohWOiejs

  • @Lee-White Thanks for your reply, Lee. Although, SVS's tagline has always been "Become a working illustrator. Prepare for a career in illustration with our online classes", which is my goal. So I'm afraid I'm still confused as to whether I should cancel my SVS subscription and buy the CBP course instead. Sorry if I'm being thick!

  • @Adam-Thornton-0 I'd say both would benefit you, I don't think that it's necessarily an either/or situation. For me, personally, I'm glad this is being offered again at a later date. I'm working my way through the fundamentals classes on my time off from being a teacher, but I'd like to do CBP someday when I get my confidence (and more importantly, skills) up!

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    @Adam-Thornton-0 I agree with what was previously said. Its not either/or type situation. We are still building SVS up. quite a bit. I think unless you are truly at the experienced pro level, SVS will still be a huge benefit. especially as we add the more advanced foundation series of classes and workshops.

    CBP is HIGHLY specialized and is only for adding the "children's book" polish to your already established skill set. SVS is about getting the skills, CBP is about focusing it and entering the field.

    Hope that helps some! : )

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