3th thursday sketchbook

  • Here are my first two ideas. Because I am a hopelessly romantic person, I want to capture a romatic dutch ore parisian scene. Maybe a paperwork art, or in a Campion style. Never tried this so... Pick your favorite...schets 3th love leontine.jpg

  • schets 3th love leontine.jpg

  • SVS OG

    As much as I love the details you have started putting into your Parisian scene - I can already tell that the composition on the Amsterdam canal scene is going to be far more compelling. I vote Amsterdam! (And I love the bike you can see on the bridge - that was one of the things that amazed me the most about Amsterdam - all of the bicycles everywhere it was wonderful!)

  • SVS OG

    Oh and I also should have said - that I think you should eventually render both of these out. The alternate one does not have to be done in time for 3rd Thursday but I think they both could turn into very charming illustrations when they are done in your beautiful style!

  • @Rich-Green Thanks Rich, I think I will. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement!

  • Pro SVS OG

    Just beautiful can't wait to see them rendered. I really like the Paris one although I would probably feel the same about the canal if it was equally fleshed out. Can't wait for updates!

  • @Leontine Love your first sketch! I like your buildings and your figures. I would really like to see this image finished.

  • I like the concept I think it's very sweet! The second sketch is very intriguing to me. However if you are going for the first one I have couple suggestions. I would vary the size of couple things: the cat, the heigh of the tree, the size or age of the man who plays music. Can't wait to see the color version.

  • @Leontine I agree with Rich and Naroth, I absolutely love the composition of the 2nd sketch! I really hope you chose that one, I like the first one too but it seems to be more about the environment than the couple. I hope you do finish both of them too!!

  • Both options are really nice. As everybody said The composition of the second is really intetesting. However, I find the first one a great composition if you want to try out paper cut technque.
    Well done! 🙂

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