Lack of anatomy?

  • Hey guys, really glad to be here as i think this place is the best place ive found to learn what i want which is to:

    Draw from imagination then go on to learn comic/manga art.

    Im just about halfway through the how to draw anything course and the only thing im wondering/having doubts about in this ''art school'' or curiculum is the apparent lack of anatomy. I understand you can make a character using shapes, and that you can use gesture drawing (or even modify reference with gesture drawing) to make characters. But im still wondering why anatomy doesnt seem to be referenced more or have its own course in the curriculum especially as its something that alot of artists mention as being really important.

    Is theres something im missing something in the curriculum? Or perhaps anatomy plays a less significant role for visual storytelling/sequential artists than it does for more realistic art?

    I did have a theory in mind that the more realistic you want to make something the more important anatomy is, therefore its not emphasised here in svs learn because most cartoons/comics/illustrations are abstractions (triangle for a nose in manga for example). Any clarity from experienced artists would be appreciated.

  • I can't say why there is a lack of anatomy specific classes on SVS, only the instructors can say (this class has some). However I can say the more you understand about anatomy the easier it is to make more abstract poses make sense, for both realistic, stylized, animated, etc. "How to draw anything" is a foundation course. The principles in this class will be essential to keeping your form and flow as you place your anatomy on top of that.
    I'm sure @Will-Terry @Jake-Parker and @Lee-White will take suggestions on more classes as well, the more interest makes it easier for them to add more classes.

  • Although there may not be an anatomy course, the teachers do talk about skeletal structure and muscle groups in several of the courses.

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    @Daniel-Johnson I've had several anatomy classes in college and they were all just live drawing classes with models. So while I can't say for sure, I'd guess that practicing with live drawing or online tools that mimic live drawing with timed photos helps more than any technical lesson on bones and muscles would (and those would be pretty boring...)

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    @Daniel-Johnson There used to be a link to Proko's anatomy/drawing classes in the class section of SVS... looks like it is gone now though.

  • @Daniel-Johnson I suspect a number of factors may be behind the logic of not offering an in house anatomy course. In my mind, comics is one of the most demanding art forms in terms of breadth of skill sets required. I do think anatomy can be powerful for both traditional and stylized figures and characters. It can aid in both: understanding the relationship between shapes and forms of the figure; and design, where you can push and pull on the anatomy and have it still make sense (as @BradAYoo mentioned).

    I recently completed Rey Bustos’s anatomy course on New Masters Academy. It is something like anatomy essentials for artists. Proko has a lot more hours of content but I think Rey’s course was very helpful and more simplified. Rey studied under Burne Hogarth and eventually took over teaching his anatomy course. As you may know Burne did some terrific work in illustration including the early Tarzan comic series, as well as authored a number of drawing books.

    You might also want to check out Richard Friend, a fairly well known inker and now penciler. He has done some lightweight anatomy videos with a pragmatic view on what is necessary in comics, although I think those might be patreon only. His comic artist study videos are fantastic as well.

  • @davido I actually ended up joining Richards patreon for 1on1 feedback. Will se how it goes 🙂

  • @BradAYoo Thanks, thats kinda what i thought.

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    If you are the type to absorb visually, Kim Jung Gi's anatomy videos are great. He has some nice techniques for visualizing the body in perspective.

    I've read his $200 class is no more than his videos that are already up free. Just a "watch me draw", with no true instruction. .

  • @CLCanadyArts love Gi but he doesnt strike me as a great teacher, completely differnt skillset really. Will have a gander at his free vidz

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    @Daniel-Johnson He isn't the best teacher, but his anatomy stuff is some something to absorb. Everyone has different methods for breaking down anatomy..

    Here is a great video about andrew loomis' method.

    His books are great, but this video breaks it down nicely.

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